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High School Games for Speech Therapists

Looking for high school games for speech therapists? In the evolving landscape of speech therapy, engaging high school students in the nuances of social communication poses a unique set of challenges. As therapists, we constantly seek innovative tools that resonate with our teenage clientele, encouraging not just participation but genuine enthusiasm for learning. The digital realm offers a treasure trove of resources, among which Everyday Speech’s “Social Navigator” game shines brightly. This post dives into how speech therapists can leverage this retro-styled digital game to teach high school students the art of making connected comments, ensuring a seamless blend of fun and educational value.

Understanding the Importance of Connected Comments

In the realm of social interaction, connected comments are the threads that weave the fabric of engaging and meaningful conversation. These are responses or remarks that directly relate to what was previously said, showing active listening and interest in the dialogue. For high school students, especially those facing challenges in social communication, mastering this skill is crucial for building relationships, participating in classroom discussions, and succeeding in future workplace environments.

Introducing Social Navigator

Social Navigator emerges as a groundbreaking tool designed by Everyday Speech. It’s not just any digital game; it’s a carefully crafted experience that draws high school students into a retro, arcade-style adventure while subtly weaving in lessons on social communication skills, including the art of making connected comments. Its engaging format is particularly appealing to teenagers, ensuring that learning about social interactions does not feel like a chore but an exciting journey.

Why “Social Navigator” Stands Out

  • Engaging Retro Style: Captures the attention of high school students with a nod to classic gaming, making the learning process fun and relatable.
  • Targeted Skills Development: Specifically designed to enhance social communication skills, including making connected comments.
  • Interactive Learning Environment: Provides a safe space for students to practice and receive immediate feedback, essential for building confidence in social interactions.

Implementing “Social Navigator” in Speech Therapy

Step 1: Introduce the Concept of Connected Comments

Begin by explaining the importance of connected comments in everyday interactions. Use real-life examples to illustrate how these comments can enhance conversations and relationships. This foundational understanding sets the stage for a more receptive learning experience when students engage with the game.

Step 2: Dive into “Social Navigator”

Guide your students through the initial setup of “Social Navigator,” familiarizing them with the game mechanics and objectives. Encourage them to focus on connected comments, highlighting how these interactions influence the progression of the game.

Step 3: Reflect on the Gameplay

After a session of gameplay, engage students in a discussion about their experiences. Ask them to share instances from the game where making connected comments impacted the outcome of a game. This reflection helps solidify the skills learned during gameplay.

Step 4: Practice in Real Life

Encourage students to apply the skills learned in “Social Navigator” to their daily interactions. Offer specific challenges or scenarios for them to focus on each week, such as making at least three connected comments during a conversation with a peer or family member.

Step 5: Review and Reinforce

Regularly review the progress your students are making, both in the game and in their real-life application of connected comments. Offer praise for improvements and gentle guidance on areas that need further development, reinforcing the positive impact of these skills on social interactions.

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“Social Navigator” offers a revolutionary approach to teaching high school students the essential skill of making connected comments, wrapped in an engaging, retro-styled game format. For speech therapists, this digital game represents a valuable addition to their toolkit, providing a dynamic way to enhance social communication skills. By following the steps in this guide, therapists can maximize the educational potential of “Social Navigator,” helping students navigate the complexities of social interactions with confidence and ease.

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