Build social skills for all students on your caseload

Everything you need at the click of a button: Everyday Speech provides you with video-modeling lessons, web games, digital activities and worksheets all in one place.

All in one place: lesson planning, no-prep materials, student tracking, and more!

Feel confident teaching new Social Cognition patterns with Everyday Speech materials. Our curriculum will help you introduce, practice, apply, and review concepts so students can generalize skills as never before.

Material Types

Watch students learn as never before with relatable actors in realistic situations and thought bubbles that teach others perspectives.

Practice new skills and rehearse behavior strategies with our fun games including Quiz Show, TicTac Moji, Bingo, and more!

500+ worksheets and interactive activities for students to practice skills in-person and virtually.

Organize your year with student management tools

Send homework

Assign homework to students to encourage at-home practice and generalization of skills!

Add students to groups

Create profiles for your students and add them to groups, then easily track the materials your groups have already seen.

Track student viewing history

Need to align your lessons with an IEP? Easily access the student’s viewing history to ensure you’re on track.

We’re backed by 20+ years of research, along with educators and parents across the country.

“Honestly, with the students I provide virtual and in-person sessions for, I use Everyday Speech almost exclusively when providing services, because it encompasses SO much of the skills I work on with students. This hands-down is the most important resource I use with my students, and I’m truly grateful for you and Everyday Speech!!”

  • Ben Nelson (Detroit Institute for Children)

“Since joining Everyday Speech, lesson planning has been so easy. I can have multi-modal lessons that my students actually enjoy, such as the Quiz Game Shows and “What will happen next?” videos. I use the materials for students in the fifth grade through high school, but there are lessons for all age and cognitive levels.”

  • Stacy Jarvis, M.S., CCC-SLP