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Everything you need instantly: Everyday Speech provides you a social skills curriculum with thousands of activies, 700+ video-modeling lessons and interactive web games in one place.

Social Skills Curriculum Material Types

Video Modeling

Watch students learn as never before with relatable actors in realistic situations and thought bubbles that teach others perspectives.

Web-Based Games

Practice new skills and rehearse behavior strategies with our fun games including Quiz Show, TicTac Moji, Bingo, and more!

Worksheets & Activities

500+ worksheets and interactive activities for students to practice skills in-person and virtually.

Organize your year with student management tools

Send homework

Assign homework to students to encourage at-home practice and generalization of skills!

Add students to groups

Create profiles for your students and add them to groups, then easily track the materials your groups have already seen.

Track student viewing history

Need to align your lessons with an IEP? Easily access the student’s viewing history to ensure you’re on track.


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Social Skills Lessons Students Actually Enjoy!

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All in one place: Social skills curriculum lesson planning, no-prep materials, student tracking, and more!

Feel confident teaching new Social Cognition patterns with Everyday Speech materials. Our curriculum will help you introduce, practice, apply, and review concepts so students can generalize skills as never before.

We’re backed by 20+ years of research, along with educators and parents across the country.

Dr. Chrisonia Busch

Social Worker

Honestly, with the students I provide virtual and in-person sessions for, I use Everyday Speech almost exclusively when providing services, because it encompasses SO much of the skills I work on with students. This hands-down is the most important resource I use with my students, and I’m truly grateful for you and Everyday Speech!!

Stacy Jarvis

CCC-SLP Ed. D. Speech Pathologist

I love that everything is easily accessible and that it is broken down into grade levels which helps me to determine which sections work best for the groups that I am serving. I work with all ages elementary through high school and this is a one stop shop for me!! I just love it!!

Michelle Mugford

Speech Language Pathologist

Everyday Speech has made a huge impact on my students. The videos are wonderful for my high school students learning pragmatic language skills. I love that the videos cover so many goals that we are working in in speech and language therapy such as conversational skills, emotional regulation, and problem solving. It’s really an amazing resource to help our students!

Ann-Marie Small

Occupational Therapists

Everyday Speech is easy to use and includes most topics that I discuss with my students with social language difficulties. The videos are the BEST! Easy to watch and for kids to relate to. They generate the best discussions.

Elaine Wagstaff


Everyday Speech has been a resource that is perfect for my graduate students, clients, families and myself. With half of our pragmatics group on Zoom and half in person, Everyday Speech has allowed us to interact together and have valuable discussions. Thank you for making my job easier and more efficient!

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