Hello! We’re Brittany and Cal Brunell, the founders of Everyday Speech! This is our story.

Brittany Brunell, MA, CCC-SLP, Co-founder

In 2012, Brittany, a certified SLP, came face to face with a big problem. The huge gap between the latest research in social-emotional learning and the existing resources.

Studies had proven the effectiveness of video modeling time and again, but there was no resource in the market to prepare teachers and professionals to incorporate it into their practice. Teachers were single-handedly compiling curriculums and creating make-shift materials for their classes.

Cal Brunell, Co-founder

She and Cal decided to change that. They wanted to help students learn social-emotional skills through the easiest, most effective methods available—they wanted to help kids experience social connectedness without agonizing over skills and behaviors.

So, they built Everyday Speech by collaborating with Speech-Language Pathologists, a video and animation team, and a web development team. They put the latest research at the core of their platform, made learning super accessible and constantly updated their curriculum.

The final result was a never-seen-before video-based SEL curriculum that was as comprehensive as it gets.
Everyday Speech was out and people were loving it!

Get to know our wonderful team of clinicians

Brittany Brunell, MA, CCC-SLP, Co-founder

“Creating this company has been an amazing journey as I’ve seen it grow from a dream I had while working my first year out of college to the full vision as it is now. Everyday Speech truly is my family, as I work every day with my husband and amazing team whom I love and admire. We were fortunate enough to travel the world and do what we love as we built the company along the way, which is something I will never take for granted. This past year we welcomed our first child, replacing the business which is now “baby no. 2.”

Carrie Driscoll, CCC-SLP Lead SLP

“I was a SLP in public schools for 10 years before joining Everyday Speech. It was easy to take the leap. I knew how valuable it was for me as a teacher and wanted more students to experience the growth my students had made using it. Everyday Speech’s teaching philosophies matched perfectly with mine. I love the dignified way Everyday Speech coaches students toward new ways of thinking and behaving. Outside of work, I enjoy time with my three teens, and workouts with friends.”

Casey Hamilton, CCC-SLP Clinical Content Creator

“After a couple years working in the public school system as a SLP, I joined Everyday Speech to pursue an opportunity to make a difference in a ‘big-picture’ way. My favorite thing about working for Everyday Speech is that I get to use my clinical knowledge and creative skills to create meaningful and engaging content for students all over the world. Outside of work, I’m walking down the aisles of Trader Joes, at the yoga studio, or at the ballpark supporting my fiancé’s professional baseball career.”

And the people that bring it all to life!

Adam Kelemen
Sales Development Representative
Alex Kissel
Customer Success Manager
Amanda Rivera
Sales Development Representative
Brandi Cornelius
Director of People Operations
Bruno Goncalves
Frontend Web Developer
Bryan Priem
Director of Operations, Customer Experience
Carl Canelas
CJ Burgan
Director of Operations
Gerardo Almario
Isabel Sterne
Content Marketing Manager
Jenn Weidman
Customer Success Specialist
Johnny Almeida
Systems Architect & Lead Engineer
Josh Ma
Digital Marketing Director
Juliana Solorzano
Sales Development Representative
Justin Walter
Account Executive
Kendra Sananikone
Video Editor
Kiarra Maghirang
Junior Illustrator
Kimberly Dy
Product Manager
Kristella Dy
Customer Service Lead
Lauren Daniel
Sales Account Executive
Lucia Lezama
Creative Director
Luiz Soares
iOS Developer
Mariflor Umali
Quality Assurance Specialist
Mariness Rivera
Design Manager
Mattia Melillo
Sales Director
Mo Godin
Head of Product
Molly Murphy
Lead Animator
Monique Davis
Senior Sales Account Executive
Nathan Ferdinandt
Video Editor
Nemanja Vucicevic
Web Developer
Nick Vivian
Video Manager
Paul Smed
Sales Development Representative
Priscilia Tjandra
Customer Support
Rachel Kaufman
Customer Support
Sarah Ferdinandt
Video Producer
Chief Representative
Spencer Caesare
Sales Development Representative
Sydney Thon
Onboarding Specialist
Tracy Mon
Games Lead
Trixie Nellyana Dumaraog
Content Administrator
Waywaya Dancel
Junior Illustrator
Zainab Sidiq
Customer Support
Zoe Grace Mok
Customer Support

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