Hello! We’re Brittany and Cal Brunell, the founders of Everyday Speech! This is our story.

Brittany Brunell, MA, CCC-SLP, Co-founder

In 2012, Brittany, a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, came face to face with a big problem. The huge gap between the latest research in social-emotional learning and the existing resources.

Studies had proven the effectiveness of social-emotional learning time and again, but the resources available to educators were time-consuming and difficult to implement and often fell flat due to their inauthenticity.

Teachers were single-handedly compiling curriculums and creating make-shift materials for their classes. With ever-dwindling prep time and increasing educator burnout, teaching social-emotional learning was a burden.

She and Cal decided to change that. They wanted to help students learn social-emotional skills through the easiest, most engaging methods available.


So, they decided to build Everyday Speech.

They put the latest research at the core of their platform, emphasized making the most authentic materials possible, and focused on making the curriculum impossibly easy for educators to use.

The final result was a never-seen-before video-based SEL curriculum that was as comprehensive as it gets.


Their work continues today as they continue to drive towards more educator and student buy-in, creating the most engaging SEL materials out there with a curriculum that’s dead simple for educators to pick up, turning SEL from a burden into a benefit.

Cal Brunell, Co-founder

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