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Need to teach social skills but unsure where to start?

From understanding various social frameworks to piecing together lesson plans and materials, it’s hard to feel confident in classroom implementation without any guidance and with so little time to prepare.

Our clients tried everything before Everyday Speech:

  • “Before Everyday Speech, I would struggle to create and organize materials for all of the various social skills goals my students were working on throughout the week.”

    — Alexa Schuessler, M.S. CCC-SLP
  • “Although I tried my best, I didn’t feel like my students and clients were quite connecting to my lessons/sessions. ”

    — Kaylee Dunnigan, M.S. CCC-SLP

Does this sound familiar? Let us help you.

Social Communication (Special Ed) Social-Emotional Learning (General Ed)

Social Communications made with SLPs, BCBAs, and Social Workers in mind.

Everyday Speech provides everything you need at the click of a button: quality video lessons, games, worksheets, and activities all done for you and organized into weekly lesson units at your fingertips.

Hear what educators on our platform have to say:

  • “Everyday Speech is an AMAZING social skills resource. It offers comprehensive, organized lessons with videos, activities, visuals, and games right at your fingertips.”— Krista Stangel M.S. CCC-SLP

Empower ALL students to reach their potential with our Social-Emotional Learning curriculum.

Everyday Speech provides the first ready-to-teach SEL curriculum with video-modeling and in-class activities to reinforce learning based on the CASEL framework.

Hear what educators on our platform have to say:

  • “After 40 years of providing school-based therapy, I found Everyday Speech and its wonderful variety of resources. I quickly realized how beneficial it could be for all of my kiddos.”— Kathryn McCall SLP, Colquitt County Schools

The only No-Prep curriculum for social skills with the flexibility to reinforce real-life application.

The only curriculum you’ll ever need to teach Social-Emotional Learning for ALL students.

Conversation Topics
Emotional Recognition
Bullying Prevention
Problem Solving
And Many More...

Interactive lesson plans based on fundamental skills

High School
Covering All Ages and Learners

Materials are laid out in easy-to-follow lesson plans for all students to ensure the best access and retention of SEL skills, no matter how your students learn best.

Social Awareness
Relationship Skills
Responsible Decision-Making
Build strong foundational skills

Explore our SEL subjects to see our video-based lessons and materials.

Early Elementary
Late Elementary
Covering All Ages and Learners

Materials are laid out in easy-to-fllow lesson plans for all students to ensure the best access and retention of SEL skills, no matter how your students learn best.

We’ve been in your shoes!

Everyday Speech was founded by Brittany Brunell, a Speech-Language Pathologist and social communication specialist. Brittany struggled to find the right materials to teach her students social communication and SEL skills. She recognized that not only do professionals lack the time to create these resources, they also need to incorporate the latest research with the most engaging materials.

Everyday Speech was born to solve this. We get you, because we’ve been where you are. Our platform understands and fulfills all your needs and requirements, because they are our needs too.

Brittany Brunell
M.S., CCC-SLP, Co-founder

Are you an administrator looking for SEL for your entire school or district?

“I have been spreading the word about Everyday Speech to other SLP's, guidance counselor's and my special education director. All of my SLP's in my district are now using Everyday Speech's program as well and my special education director is impressed with all it has to offer."

Dana Panigall, MS CCC-SLP-L

Works on any device, no installation required

Whether it's your iPad, the classroom screen or a laptop—Everyday Speech works on all devices, even when you’re offline.

Perfect for Remote Learning

Keep your students on track with functions including list sharing and assignment tracking to empower at-home learning.

Fresh, new material every single month

We are constantly updating our platform with new videos, worksheets, games and activities to help you stay up-to-date.

Trusted by teachers and loved by students

Make Social Communication Training easy for your students and you.

Find high-quality videos, worksheets and activities specially designed to help you teach your kids comprehensive social skills. With Everyday Speech, spend less time worrying and more time teaching!

Staying on Topic

Conversation Topics

Keeping an Open Mind




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