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Teaching Social Skills and Social-Emotional Learning Made Easy

With a team full of educators and SLPs, Everyday Speech has created two distinct social skills and social-emotional learning applications to help solve your most pressing issues:
1. Lack of time, resources + support, and 2. Positively affecting student outcomes.

Social Communication Curriculum

A deep dive into social skills with thousands of video-modeling lessons, digital and printable activities, and web based games.

Designed to save you hours of time and accelerate social learning as never before.

Social-Emotional Learning

An SEL solution for the entire school, lessons and activities designed specifically by grade level to increase student engagement. Available for Pre-K to Grade 12!

Try our 40-week digital curriculum to support all students’ social-emotional needs and see your school climate soar.

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Full social skills and SEL curricula designed for you and your classroom. With 2 curricula to choose from, the Everyday Speech platform supports you with teacher prep, video modeling lessons and interactive activities for all students as Tier 1, 2, or 3 instruction.

It’s everything you need for social skills and social-emotional learning, organized into no-prep, weekly lessons.

Thoughtful Video Modeling

No more cobbled together YouTube videos. Age relatable actors, realistic situations, with thought bubbles to teach perspective.

Interactive Learning Games

Engage your students with short impactful interactive games that help them practice newly learned skills.

Digital & Printable Worksheets

Your lesson plans are covered! With over 500+ worksheets and activities in both digital and printable formats, you can focus on teaching not searching.

All in one place, to save you time


Both SCC and SEL lessons are curated for you to be able to log in and press play. It’s that easy.


Our materials are written through the lens of treating trauma which can better serve students’ mental health.

Best-in-class Materials

Captivate your learners with modern and engaging video lessons, web-based games, and both digital and printable activities.

Quick pre & post assessments

Pre and post assessments make it incredibly easy for you to gauge where your learners are and monitor progress easily.

Watch a Snippet Video Modelling Lesson

Empower Every Unique Learner with Self-Advocacy 


Better doesn’t have to be harder!

Social Skills Lessons Students Actually Enjoy!

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Select a social skills curriculum that is right for you

Social Communication

No prep social skills materials designed to save you hours of time and accelerate social learning

Starts at

$49.99 monthly

Step-by-Step Curriculum:

Hundreds of instant video modeling lessons, games, and worksheets ready to go. Find what’s perfect for your learners across skills and abilities.

Social-emotional learning

A fully structured week-by-week curriculum designed for an entire class, school, or district

Starts at

$49.99 monthly

Step-by-Step Curriculum:

40 week, CASEL-Aligned curriculum means no-prep SEL lessons comprised of videos, games, and worksheets! 

Bundled Curricula

Social Communication Curriculum & SEL Curriculumn intended for an entire district to cover all students

Starts at

$69.99 monthly

Step-by-Step Curriculum:

Access to both the 40 week no-prep SEL lessons and entire Social Communication library of video-modeling lessons, games, and activities.

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Ann-Marie Small


“Everyday Speech is easy to use and includes most topics that I discuss with my students with social language difficulties. The videos are the BEST! Easy to watch and for kids to relate to. They generate the best discussions.”

Ben Nelson

Social Worker

“Honestly, with the students I provide virtual and in-person sessions for, I use Everyday Speech almost exclusively when providing services, because it encompasses SO much of the skills I work on with students. This hands-down is the most important resource I use with my students, and I’m truly grateful for you and Everyday Speech!!”

Miriah Huntington

Special Ed Teacher

“My students love EVERYDAY SPEECH! Its a huge asset to our program and expecially with the times being so unexpected in the classroom or at home the last couple school years.”

Terrie Livingston

Program Director/Special Ed Teacher

“I finally had a chance to try the new Social Learning Platform and it is amazing! I LOVE it! It’s so easy to navigate to get exactly what I need for my students. I love how clear the objectives are and how well they illustrate the targeted skill! I love the games, both the printables and the online games. This new platform is very well organized and so much easier to use!”

Kate Nelson

Speech Language Pathologist

“As an SLP whose entire caseload in on the spectrum, Everyday Speech is a life-saver! It provides the framework for 90% of my lessons for students working on social pragmatic skills. Worth every penny.”