A Social Learning Video Toolkit

Video Modeling in the Classroom

Our videos work on all the devices you already have. From desktops to iPads, you can watch anywhere. Project it for the whole group, or use it in a 1-on-1 session.

Instant Lessons For Your Whole Caseload

Each video comes with a companion worksheet. Creating an entire lessons is as simple as pressing play. From traditional video modeling to nuanced scenarios and games, theres something for every learner.

New Videos, Every Month

Our library is constantly growing with new topics, skills, and activities. With our subscription, you'll get access to an endless supply of materials - you'll never have to purchase another video package again.

One Subscription, Three Types of Videos

learning videos


Traditional video modeling builds foundational skills, simply and clearly.

learning videos


Social Skills in Action videos demonstrate the consequences of social actions through others' perspectives and emotion.

learning videos


Activities promote carry-over of skills through repetition and practice with a dose of fun.

What People are Saying

Ragan Snyder headshot

"I'm a huge fan of the Everyday Speech Videos and I use them almost daily. I use them in social skills groups in schools, in individual counseling and in my private practice. I cannot recommend these videos enough and can say from experience that you definitely get your money's worth."

Ragan Snyder, LSCSW at Derby North Middle School

Ragan Snyder headshot

"I really appreciate the range of topics relevant to students with delayed social skills. I used the emotion bingo with a group last week and kids who were normally completely distracted, out of their seats, and talking over each other were completely riveted to the videos and the game. It was quite unbelievable."

M.E. Pierce, School Social Worker at Brighton Area Schools

Ragan Snyder headshot

"I use these videos with high school and transition (18-21 year old) students with a variety of developmental delays... I love the videos because the topics are very appropriate for teens and young adults and I also love the thought bubbles that show up on the screen! One of my best therapy investments for sure!"

Jody Rosenbalm, MS, CCC-SLP at Seattle Public Schools