Teaching social communication and social-emotional skills has never been easier.

Everyday Speech helps cultivate the skills every student needs to lead a healthy and successful life. Our platform includes curricula for Special Education and General Education settings, providing you with the structure and materials to provide Tier 1, 2, and 3 supports.

Everything you need in one place, built with you in mind

Videos help your students quickly learn and generalize skills with realistic situations, relatable actors, and thought bubbles that reveal each character’s perspective.

Practice new skills and rehearse behavior strategies with our fun web games including Quiz Show, TicTac Moji, Bingo, and more!

Over 500 worksheets and interactive activities for students to practice skills in-person and/or virtually.

From lesson planning to homework tracking, we provide all the structure and tools for you to start teaching immediately!

Our lessons and materials are differentiated by age and suited for students Pre-K through 12.

20+ Years of Research

Grounded in research, our curricula utilizes the evidence-based practice of video modeling and aligns with CASEL competencies.

Choose a curriculum to learn more:

An in-depth curriculum designed to dive deep into social communication skills

Special Education settings, direct intervention (IEP, Tier 2, or Tier 3 support)


SLPs, Social Workers, SPED Teachers, BCBAs, Psychologists


Conversation Skills, Self-Regulation, Emotional Recognition, Nonverbal Communication, and much more.

A fully structured week-by-week curriculum designed for an entire class, school, or district

Whole class, General Education settings (Tier 1 support)


Teachers, SEL Specialists, School Counselors, anyone doing whole-class SEL


CASEL Competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision-Making

Over 25,000 educators, 2,500 school districts, and 1,600 organizations across the globe use Everyday Speech

Recommended by educators

“Everyday Speech is easy to use and includes most topics that I discuss with my students with social language difficulties. The videos are the BEST! Easy to watch and for kids to relate to. They generate the best discussions.”

  • Ann-Marie Small, M.S. CCC-SLP

Trusted by parents

“I must admit that the entire family uses strategies we have learned from your videos. Excellent content. The use of real students of varying ages and the presentation are fabulous. My daughter (age 11 trisomy 21) knows the actors by name and associates what she is learning with their personalities. I cannot say enough about this program except… more! We want more!”…

  • Margaret Murphy Smith, Mother of Mageerei Smith

AND loved by students

“I can see people’s expressions, their face expression, their body expression, their tone expression.”

  • Grant, Student