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Conversation Stoplight Practice Cards for Elementary Students

As speech-language pathologists working in elementary settings, we often seek innovative methods to teach effective communication skills. The Conversation Stoplight is a fantastic tool to help students understand the dynamics of conversations. This blog post outlines a detailed lesson plan centered around “Conversation Stoplight Practice Cards for Elementary Students,” designed for a fun and interactive speech therapy session.

Understanding the Conversation Stoplight

What is the Conversation Stoplight?

The Conversation Stoplight is a visual tool that helps students recognize when to speak (Green Light), when to slow down and think (Yellow Light), and when to listen (Red Light) during a conversation. It’s a practical way to teach the give-and-take nature of communication.

Lesson Plan Overview

Objective: To help elementary students practice conversation skills using the Conversation Stoplight method.

Materials Needed: Free printable “Conversation Stoplight Practice Cards,” scissors

Duration: One 30-minute session.

The Lesson Plan

1. Introduction to the Conversation Stoplight (10 minutes)

  • Start by explaining the concept of the Conversation Stoplight.
  • Use simple terms to describe what each color represents in a conversation.

2. Preparing the Practice Cards (5 minutes)

3. Interactive Activity: Practicing with the Cards (15 minutes)

  • Use the cards to practice what they would say in a conversation for each light.
  • For the Green Light, they can practice initiating conversation or adding information.
  • For the Yellow Light, they can practice pausing and thinking before responding.
  • For the Red Light, they should practice listening attentively.

4. Group Discussion and Reflection (5 minutes)

  • Conclude with how the activity helped them understand the conversation stoplight.
  • Encourage students to share their experiences and what they learned.


The Conversation Stoplight is an excellent tool for teaching elementary students the intricacies of effective communication. We hope this lesson plan, along with the “Conversation Stoplight Practice Cards for Elementary Students,” becomes a staple in your speech therapy sessions. By incorporating these interactive and engaging activities, you can help your students master the art of conversation, paving the way for their social and academic success.

Sample Video

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