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Free Elementary Friendship Material

March 8, 2023

Looking for more elementary friendship material for your social skills lessons? If you answered yes, make sure to download our Friendship Qualities printable packet in the button above!

How to Teach Friendship Skills to Elementary Students

In order to get to know others we first learn about them, then we share about ourselves, and finally we spend time with them. When learners go through our Acting Like a Friend units, they will review the basic steps of seeking out friends and learn how to build stronger relationships over time.

Lesson Plan – Using Your Free Elementary Friendship Material

1. Introduce Reflection around Friendship Skills

Ask your learners what they look for in friends. What behaviors make them classify someone as a good friend? What are some things they notice that might not be actions of a good friend? Talk about how this is personal and may differ from person to person.

2. Friendships take Time

Talk about the steps that are needed before a friendship can really start to form. We need to put effort into getting to know others, sharing about ourselves, learning about them, and what makes a friendship equal. This printable goal poster is a great visual reminder of these steps!

3. Use Activity 1 and 2 of Packet Over 2 Sessions

Activity 1 is a fun activity where students will reflect on the friendship qualities they possess. Take this opportunity to talk about each skill and why it’s important. Activity 2 has learners select three qualities they can improve on and steps they can take to get there. I like to break these up over two sessions since they often lead to discussions within the group.

Sample Elementary Friendship Video:

This sample video below is a great enhancement to any friendship lesson! We provide real life scenarios as age appropriate actors model new skills. We offer a 30 day free trial for all of our social skills materials if you’d like to check more of them out!

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