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Goals included in the
Friendship unit:
  • Acting Like a Friend
    Acting Like a Friend
  • Giving and Receiving Compliments
    Giving and Receiving Compliments
  • Using the Relationship Ruler(Different Types of Relationships)
    Using the Relationship Ruler
  • Handling Conflicts with Friends
    Handling Conflicts with Friends

The Friendship unit includes no materials!

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What will students learn in the Friendship unit?

Friendships can be some of the most empowering, emotionally fulfilling parts of life. The ability to build healthy friendships — and to be a good friend yourself — is crucial to development starting from a very young age. The Friendship unit in the Everyday Speech curriculum is designed to help students learn skills like acting like a friend, handling conflicts, giving and receiving compliments, and adjusting their behavior in a social interaction based on the closeness of their relationship with the other person. Teaching friendship skills with Everyday Speech is easy – just show your students our age-appropriate videos, then practice with our activities, web games and no-prep worksheets.

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