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Interactive Staying Safe Magic Hat Activity

As preschool teachers, one of our most crucial responsibilities is ensuring the safety of our students, not just within the classroom but in all aspects of their lives. Teaching young children about safe versus unsafe behaviors can be challenging, but what if we could make learning about safety fun and interactive? Enter the “Interactive Staying Safe Magic Hat Activity,” a playful, engaging way to discuss safety with preschoolers. This blog post outlines a comprehensive lesson plan that requires no prep and is sure to captivate the interest of your little learners.

Lesson Plan Overview

Duration: 30 minutes

Materials: Digital Magic Hat Activity (Free Access here)

Objective: To help preschool students identify and understand the difference between safe and unsafe behaviors in an engaging and memorable way.

Preparation Steps

  1. Ensure you have access to the “Interactive Staying Safe Magic Hat Activity.”
  2. Create a comfortable space in your classroom where students can gather around and participate in the activity.

Lesson Execution

  1. Introduction to Safety (5 minutes): Start with a brief discussion about safety, explaining that some things are safe and some things are not, and it’s important to know the difference.
  2. Magic Hat Activity (10-15 minutes): Invite students one by one to draw a card from the magic hat and act out the behavior shown. The rest of the class then guesses the action and discusses whether it is safe or unsafe. This not only reinforces understanding but also keeps the activity dynamic and interactive.
  3. Group Discussion (10 minutes): Wrap up the activity with a group discussion, encouraging students to share what they learned and ask any questions they might have about safe and unsafe behaviors.


The “Interactive Staying Safe Magic Hat Activity” offers a novel and engaging approach to teaching preschoolers about safety. By combining interactive play with learning, students not only enjoy the lesson but also retain the valuable information shared. As educators, it’s our job to find creative ways to impart life-saving lessons, and this activity provides just that opportunity.

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