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Using Everyday Speech in a Remote Learning Environment

By Cal Brunell March 17, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we’ve gotten a ton of questions around how to maintain continuity of services while schools are shut.

Our users provide incredibly valuable services to those in our communities that need them the most, and we’re dedicated to helping educators continue to provide for their students. In this post, we outline the steps we’re taking to help combat this crisis.

Our Social Learning Platform is entirely digital, making it a great fit for remote learning (also called eLearning). In this post, we’ll go over some of the features of the platform you can leverage to improve the remote learning experience.

Create Lists to Share With Parents

One of the most used features of the Social Learning Platform is our “Saved Lists” feature. This enables you to put any materials you want together in a list. Once you’ve created a list, you can share the URL with anyone with an Everyday Speech account and they can see your list. As you update your list, it will change on their end also!

We recommend the recipients bookmark the URL of the list so they have easy access to get back to it.

As part of our COVID-19 response, we’re allowing parents to sign up 100% free for an Everyday Speech account. If you have an Everyday Speech account, you’ll find your link on your settings page to share with parents so they can create a free account. Simply send your unique link to the parents of the students you work with and ask them sign up for free accounts. Once that’s set up, you can share your lists with them.

We recommend either creating a list for each student, or creating week by week lists if you have a group that’s all working on the same thing. Just create the list and share the URL with parents however you want! If the parents have an account, they’ll be able to open the link and view the content just as you do.

Notes to keep in mind regarding Saved Lists:

  • Saved Lists are only visible to users you send the link. Users will not be able to see any other materials on your account. Think of a Saved List as a ‘Playlist’ from a music streaming app.
  • Parents/Students do not automatically see the Saved Lists you have created. If someone has a link to one of your Saved Lists, they will see any updates you make to it.
  • If you create a Saved List for a specific student (“Sally”), other students will not be able to see it unless you give them the link to “Sally’s” Saved List. We recommend giving each list an alias to avoid privacy concerns. (Example: Sally S. Week 1 instead of Sally Smith’s Week 1)
  • Parents with an account have access to all content, not just the Saved Lists you share with them.

Watch Video Together, Mark it Up

The foundation of our curriculum is video – we have nearly 500 videos in our platform, with more coming every month of the school year.

In this post, we outline how you can use Zoom to watch a video together and share the sound from your computer to have a more seamless viewing experience. Be sure to “Share computer sound”!

While you’re doing that, you can take advantage of a great feature that’s built into our video player – our digital pen. When you’re playing a video in full screen mode, you can draw right on the video when it’s paused. This is great for highlighting emotions, eye-lines, body language, and more!

Pro tip: if you’re using Zoom, you can hand over mouse control to the student on the other end and have them control the pen!

Notes to keep in mind regarding watching videos:

  • Based on follow-up information from our webinar, we are no longer recommending the Free version of Zoom, as it is not HIPAA compliant.
  • Zoom is NOT necessary to view our videos. It is a third-party tool for sharing your screen with others. Any user can watch videos on their own computer or iPad without any third-party tools.
  • The Digital Pen feature is part of our own video player, so no need to download Zoom in order to use it!
  • If you only plan to do teletherapy and use Zoom to share your screen, your student does not need an account. You have the option to share the custom link with them, though.
  • More than one student can join a Zoom call. You can watch a video or play a game with the entire class!

Turn Worksheets into Interactive Experiences

Earlier this year, we released an update to our platform that made hundreds of our downloadable worksheets interactive, so you can play them right there on your computer.

When you’re looking for an activity in our platform, you may notice some with the option to Play on Screen:

Selecting that option will bring up a completely digital version of the activity:

You can complete this activity right from your computer screen!

Play a Collaborative Game

As part of our curriculum, we have dozens of web games you can play collaboratively in real time. If you’re using something like Zoom for your therapy sessions, you can start the game on your computer, then share your screen so everyone gets a collaborative experience.

One of our favorites is Social Skills Quiz Show, a Jeopardy style game that mixes different question types for an engaging, interactive experience.

Social Skills Quiz Show

Wrapping Up

We hope these tips will help you navigate some challenging times! If you’ve found a way to integrate Everyday Speech into your telepractice or remote learning, leave a comment below to let us know!

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Stephanie Boyd says

Do I have to connect parents for them to be able to view content on google classroom or can I simply download the link from everyday speech?

Melissa Askew-Hart says

Thank you so much!!!!
i am a School Psychologist, and
I love your videos and worksheets, and I am happy to be able to continue using your products during this time.

Andrea Ninehan says

If I have an account, can I upload videos to my Google Classroom for students to view or do they have to have separate Everyday Speech accounts? Our county only supports Google Classroom.

Kim says

Can you add links to google classroom?

Lanny says

Does it mean it is free trial for individual complete pcakage until 31st July then need to pay $49.99 until 31st Dec 2020?