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Goals included in the
Self-Regulation unit:
  • Keeping an Open Mind
    Keeping an Open Mind
  • Staying Calm
    Staying Calm
  • Using Your Self-Controller(Keeping Self-Control)
    Using Your Self-Controller
  • Switching Tracks(Handling Change)
    Switching Tracks
  • Executive Functioning
    Executive Functioning

The Self-Regulation unit includes 53 videos, 46 activities and 14 games!

Complete SEL lesson plans to teach Self-Regulation

Everyday Speech lesson plans save you time! There’s no prep work required, whether you’re teaching SEL to an entire class or facilitating small group and one-on-one sessions. The hard part is done for you – just log in and choose a skill!

What will students learn in the Self-Regulation unit?

Everyday Speech offers a comprehensive set of lesson plans designed to help effectively teach self-regulation, the practice of managing emotions and impulses. The social-emotional skills taught in our Self-Regulation unit include keeping an open mind, staying calm, using your self-controller, switching tracks and ignoring others’ behavior. Our engaging and interactive videos, games, and activities give you all the tools to teach self-regulation and other key social skills.

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