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Goals included in the
School Rules unit:
  • Classroom Routine
    Classroom Routine
  • Following Directions
    Following Directions
  • Listening in School
    Listening in School
  • Staying Quiet in Class
    Staying Quiet in Class
  • Asking For Help
    Asking For Help
  • Working With a Group
    Working With a Group
  • Showing Respect
    Showing Respect

The School Rules unit includes 64 videos, 49 activities and 4 games!

Complete SEL lesson plans to teach School Rules

Everyday Speech lesson plans save you time! There’s no prep work required, whether you’re teaching SEL to an entire class or facilitating small group and one-on-one sessions. The hard part is done for you – just log in and choose a skill!

What will students learn in the School Rules unit?

Learning how to follow school rules helps students be successful in the classroom and beyond. The School Rules unit in the Everyday Speech curriculum includes a series of interactive lesson plans you can use in the classroom or in small group and one-on-one settings. In the unit, students learn important classroom skills like following instructions, staying quiet during class, working in groups with classmates, and more.

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