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You want to implement SEL at your district, but don’t know where to start

Everyday Speech makes SEL easy with a comprehensive curriculum, interactive in-class lessons, and ongoing educator support; we’ve done it all for you.

Children naturally learn from their surroundings and interactions, making SEL naturally present even when not explicitly taught. We empower your district with the structure, tools, and flexibility to teach strategies and skills that nurture healthy and healthy individuals.

whole class learning

"My students really engage with the videos and it sparks a lot of great conversation. I just started using it at the beginning of the school year and it's only October, but I'm seeing growth in my students already."

Sheri Campbell, MA CCC-SLP

Empower teachers with tools they’ll use and students will love

With Everyday Speech, you can maximize teacher buy-in, with zero training time and immediate value. We’re partners; here to help, not pile on.

Keeping all students in mind, 2 curriculums are available: one for special education settings and a more structured 40-week program for general education settings.

Both empower teachers to get started instantly with No-Prep lesson plans, worksheets, and activities to create an interactive learning experience.

platform and tools teachers love

"My students are really enjoying Everyday Speech. I have one student who considers the videos a reward. The videos are especially helpful in our weekly large group pragmatics class. I have one student who asks to role play the videos. It helps to make the gray social areas of life more black and white for him."

Susan Hill, MS, CCC-SLP
Social Communications (Special Ed) Social-Emotional Learning (General Ed)

Curriculums Built to Engage and Nurture

  • Teachers find the skills they want to target in a single click. No training or prep required.
  • Students learn important skills through videos, games, worksheets and fun activities.

Curriculums Built to Engage and Nurture

  • With our 40 week curriculum to match the school year, teachers will have lesson plans and engaging activities each week.
  • Student learning is reinforced week after week towards more complex social skills.

Faster Implementation in Classrooms and Schools

Segmented by age groups, our curriculums enable immediate classroom implementation and equitable multi-school rollout models that empower all students with the same fundamental skills.


Training with our in-house experts

Our SLPs and SEL specialists provide professional development and support to your faculty to make implementation easy.

Perfect for Remote Learning

Keep your students on track with functions including list sharing and assignment tracking to empower at-home learning.

CASEL-aligned skills that nurture student learning potential to the fullest

SEL is a lifelong journey, yet impacts can be immediate. For instance, improving students’ social-awareness can reduce classroom disruptions and lead to stronger personal relationships in life.

Built by experts in the SEL industry, our curriculum focuses on the CASEL framework to provide strategies and skills for students to start shaping who they are from an early age.


Image:®CASEL ,2017

CASEL principles

Students who participate in SEL-based programs show

11% Spike in academic achievements for SEL students
10% Reduction in behavioral, psychological & substance abuse problems by the age of 25
42% Reduced likeliness to be involved in physical aggression in schools

High Return on Investment

SEL programs yield $11 in value for every $1 invested according to this study.

Lasting impact on Students

SEL students continued to demonstrate strong social-emotional skills and attitudes years after.

Frequently Asked Questions from School Districts

Is Everyday Speech backed by evidence-based studies?

Our materials are all written by licensed nationally board-certified Speech Language Pathologists and are based on the tenants of video modeling, which is the gold-standard in interventions for social skills. Video Modeling is an evidence-based strategy using video recordings to model a desired skill. This technique has been shown to quickly improve and maintain new social skills. Our videos teach a full array of social competencies to improve school adjustment, cope with the ever-changing social environment, navigate emotions, make informed social decisions to solve problems, and understand prescribed social rules. Please see below: https://autismpdc.fpg.unc.edu/sites/autismpdc.fpg.unc.edu/files/imce/documents/VideoModeling_Complete.pdf https://www.iidc.indiana.edu/pages/video-self-modeling We developed our teaching method based on the following underlying skills needed to succeed socially and emotionally: understanding theory of mind, predicting multivariate outcomes, and recognizing social consequences. While there are no published studies using out materials at this moment, video modeling is a teaching practice backed by over twenty years of research. Please visit our website to read more about how we designed our curriculum: https://everydayspeech.com/how-it-works-sel/

My school already has a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum, how does this fit in?

The Social Learning Platform is a great addition to any current curriculum because it comes with so many materials and covers such a wide range of skills and goals. Use the video lessons, games, or printables as supplemental materials - we’re confident these will enhance or fit in all with the target learning areas of existing curriculums.

Do we need to install any special software?

Nope! The Everyday Speech Social-Emotional Learning Platform (SELP) runs entirely in a web browser so there is nothing to install. However, if you are in a school district, please ask your IT department to unblock "everydayspeech.com, cloudinary.com, and all subdomains". Unblocking our website also ensures that none of our site elements are being blocked, which can affect your experience with the website. If you are using an iPad, we recommend downloading our dedicated iPad app for the best experience.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders! However, if you are located outside of the United States, please note that we will be able to accept only bank transfers and/or credit cards as the mode of payment. When you're ready to order: Please submit your purchase orders through this link: https://staging2.everydayspeech.com/po. We highly discourage sending purchase orders through postal mail due to the number of instances of lost/undelivered mail.

Do you offer site licenses?

Yes, we do. If you think your school district or organization would be interested in using Everyday Speech for your entire district or organization, or if you want us to help assist in the transition to remote learning using Everyday Speech, we would be happy to work together with you! Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Sales team to know more about our site licensing options.

Can we project this on a SMART board?

Yes! This is especially effective for group activities as students can interact with the games and use the draw on answers too.

Does this work on a Chromebook?

Yes. The Social-Emotional Learning Platform (SELP) is browser-based, which means that it runs on a standard web browser, and needs no installation of any special programs. As long as the Chromebook has a working internet connection, the SELP works great on Chromebooks.