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Structured syllabus, lesson plans, and teaching materials to confidently improve students' Social Communication

Interactive lesson plans based on fundamental skills

Backed by 20 years of research, our No-Prep curriculums are developmentally sequenced into skills, goals, and units like building blocks, guiding students to continually apply and build upon previously taught skills.

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Search for materials based on the skill you want to teach and the age of your students

With hundreds of videos, and more added monthly, we have a video for every skill you can imagine! Additionally, get age-appropriate materials for kids from Kindergarten through High School.

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Train New Social Cognition Patterns

Our videos help students understand how their actions impact others and how to deal with different social situations.

Use real-life examples of social situations

We use social situations, language, and settings that your students can relate to. This helps contextualize lessons and makes generalization easy!

Explore lists curated by Speech-Language experts

Every Monday, we curate a list of materials based on a relevant theme. You can dive right into teaching on Monday morning, without second thoughts.

Everyday Speech is here for you and your students. Here’s why.

You’re not alone. We know that a lot is asked of you on a daily basis as an educator. That’s why we focus on empowering you with the best resources to confidently maximize your students’ potential as learners and individuals.

Structured lesson plans. Digital accessibility. New monthly materials.

Everyday Speech empowers you to do it all stress-free in any environment, in-class and remote.

“Everyday Speech has opened up a whole new world of appropriate videos for social skills training. I find that my students are engaged and enjoy discussing the videos. Everyday Speech makes lesson planning so much easier. Everything that you need for social skills training is all in one place!"

Vanessa Teasdell-Thornton - Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Over 20 years of research support the powerful benefits of Video Modeling


Make Social Communication Training easy for your students and you.

Find high-quality videos, worksheets and activities specially designed to help you teach your kids comprehensive social skills. With Everyday Speech, spend less time worrying and more time teaching!

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