September Content Updates: What’s New This Month?

The earlier we can support our early learners with social-emotional learning the better!

As you know, this isn’t always easy. Early learners may struggle with reading, paying attention, and comprehending materials created for older audiences. That’s why we’ve released hundreds of new social communication and SEL materials geared specifically toward preschool and kindergarten students.

Our new preschool and kindergarten SEL materials include visual cues to support non-readers, age-appropriate actors, and engaging, animated characters. We’ve included some examples below. 

We hope these new releases will help you start your new school year off strong!

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NEW Preschool and Kindergarten Social Communication Videos

These new videos will help your students develop the language and thinking processes they need to be successful during their school day and beyond!

two boys playing

What to Do When You’re Upset

Your students will learn strategies for calming their minds and bodies when they’re feeling upset.

3 girls playing

Joining a Group Playing

Your students will learn how to ask to join a group and play by the rules. 

NEW Preschool and Kindergarten Mindfulness Videos

Choose from our selection of mindfulness videos to help calm down your class or to get them up and moving while they learn self-regulation strategies. 

animated boy pretending to be a shark

Wiggle and Jump Break

This video guides students through a movement break focused on releasing excess energy.

animated boy dragon breathing

Dragon and Bee Breathing

Students learn how to use “dragon” and “bee” breathing techniques to calm down.

NEW Preschool and Kindergarten Interactive Activities

Students will build the SEL skillsets they need with these fun, interactive activities. 

screenshot of my calming toolbox activity

Calming Toolbox

Students will explore and practice different calm-down strategies by picking three strategies or “tools” to add to their toolbox .

screenshot of matching game

Thinking Positive Thoughts

Learners are given the opportunity to practice the language needed to use positive self-talk in the classroom or at home. 

NEW Preschool and Kindergarten Games

screenshot of Selby Says game with Selby mascot

Selby Says

Get students up and out of their seats to practice self-regulation strategies with this Simon Says-inspired listening game. 

screenshot of puzzle pieces

Puzzle Solver

This digital puzzle gives preschoolers a calm activity to redirect focus or offer a break while reviewing social skills with their favorite animated characters. 


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