Halloween is Not Cancelled (2020)

Hallowwen 2020 is Not Cancelled

Boo! It’s almost October 31st (how did that happen?) and Halloween is just around the corner. This Halloween, the word ‘mask’ has a whole new meaning *sigh*. Many parents are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to make this Halloween special for their children amidst the ongoing global health crisis. 

How do we give kids that same, exciting Halloween experience all while keeping health official’s guidelines? But just because we are still amid a pandemic, doesn’t mean we can’t find new and fun ways to celebrate Halloween this year. I repeat: Halloween is not cancelled!

If your family or local government has opted to say ‘no’ to trick-or-treating this Halloween, here are some other fun and *spooky* ideas to celebrate this year’s holiday (Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the list for a special Halloween treat from our team!):

  • Scary movie night – Pop the popcorn (maybe throw in some M&M’s) and turn off the lights for an extra spooky Halloween movie night. Here’s a list of kid-friendly Halloween movies available to stream on Netflix this fall.
  • Candy scavenger hunt – Instead of going door-to-door this Halloween, opt for a candy scavenger hunt in your own home. Buy your kid’s favorite candies, write some creepy clues, and sit back and relax as your kids try to find their hidden treats. Bonus: 0% chance of getting any of that dreaded licorice in your Halloween bag this year. Check out this fun infographic on best and worst Halloween candy.
  • Candy apple decorating – Are you a wizard in the kitchen? No worries, because this tasty candy apple recipe is easy and kid-friendly. They are healthy-ish, and your kids will have fun decorating and eating their hard work. 
  • Spooky Halloween activities + games – Skipping the sweets this year? Drive around the neighborhood for a Halloween version of ‘I spy’. See who can spot the most pumpkins, spiders, and skeletons! Read this article for more cute and creative Halloween game inspiration. 
  • Mix n’ Match Pumpkin Mojis – Last year’s Halloween Moji Masks were a hit, so we’re back with more Halloween fun. Kids can create their very own Pumpkin Mojis with this themed, minimal-prep activity. Tag us on social media with your very best Pumpkin Mojis!
Halloween Mix n' Match Pumpkin Mojis

Fun fact: This year’s Halloween will be the first since 2001 with a full moon and we won’t see another until 2039. Take your witches and vampires out to admire the full moon on October 31st, but beware of werewolves! 

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Halloween this year from the team at Everyday Speech!

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