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One of the problems with remote learning is that all those really fun games that fill the shelves of my school office, the ones that make students stop me in the hall and ask if we can PLEEEEASE play that game this week, all don’t work with e-learning. My secret weapons of teaching disappear. Sure, I have tons of downloaded worksheets I can assign, but what kind of e-learning monster would do that to students? Especially now, when everyone needs to have fun learning again.

This is why my students love learning with Everyday Speech games. They’re so unbelievably appealing, the way the wheel clicks like Wheel of Fortune or the crowd cheers for Jeopardy. The board game vehicles are adorable. My students love rolling the virtual dice more than you’d think anyone would love virtual dice.

”The game show and board game sections are perfect! They allow for error and correcting, yet allow the child to feel like they are “leading” or are in control of the set up. I often say let’s play to “400” points etc and then we have a competitive goal yet I can rig it so they “help” me and get the points first. Wonderful!”

– M. Washington, Occupational Therapist

What games does Everyday Speech have? They have a Jeopardy style game, a Wheel of Fortune style, a classic board game, Bingo, an arcade style. Ever better, within each game style are about 7-10 different games that pertain specifically to certain social skills. This means your students can get a whole lot of practice on every social goal on their IEPs. 

Check out this video that walks you quickly through their most popular games.

Have you seen the newest one, Everyday Speech World? It’s a simulation- that’s right, your students actually enter a social sim. where they choose what to respond to a character who has a problem with something they’ve done or said. The character on screen is looking right at them and talking to them. It feels very real and personal. What a Game Changer. Finally, something that makes the impossibility of taking data during remote learning absolutely possible!

Everyday Speech World - Social Scenario

Everyday Speech games are a great way to end a session because it’s the perfect combination of fun and learning. Very few times in my career have I found that perfect game that packs in this much skill practice while the students think they’re being rewarded free time. Learning connections are made, fun is had. It doesn’t get better than that.

Moonwalk was a favorite game. Students begged to play it every session. And you know what? My students had so many interactions while playing it. They cheered each other on, asked to take turns, bargained with each other for more playing time, accepted no for an answer, and negotiated playing time with each other. So many social skills occurred inside of that game, skills we worked so hard to teach and I was dying to see evidence in their behavior. 

Moonwalk Intro Screen

I truly believe Everyday Speech games allowed for the generalization that used to be missing in my social skill session. As a public school speech therapist for ten years, this attention to what helps children actually change their social cognition in significant ways is the main reason why I work for Everyday Speech now.

Carrie Driscoll, M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Everyday Speech

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Linda DeMora says

I have to use Google Meets for my remote learning sessions. I love using these games with my students. I wish there was a way that I could give them control during out game playing so that they could spin the dice, etc... Right now I don't believe there is any way that they can do that. I don't think google meets allows for this. I also wanted to see their faces while playing the game so I needed to buy a monitor to allow me to see their face while playing the game.

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