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School Counseling Lesson on Social Media for Middle School

In today’s digital age, middle schoolers are more connected than ever before, with social media playing a pivotal role in their daily lives. However, the impact of these platforms on students’ moods and overall mental health cannot be overlooked. As we celebrate National School Counseling Week, it’s an opportune time to address this critical issue. This blog post introduces a school counseling lesson on social media for middle school, aimed at helping students understand and navigate the emotional landscape of social media.

Lesson Plan Overview

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Materials: Access to the “Social Media and Your Mood” digital SEL video, debate prompts, “Social Media and Your Mood” worksheet.

Objective: To educate middle school students on the positive and negative emotional effects of social media and equip them with coping strategies.

Preparation Steps

  1. Ensure availability of technology to show the SEL video to the class.
  2. Prepare an environment conducive to healthy and productive debate and conversation.
  3. Print or prepare digital access to the “Social Media and Your Mood” worksheet.

Lesson Execution

  1. Introduction to Social Media’s Impact (5 minutes): Begin with a brief discussion on how social media is a significant part of students’ lives and its potential to influence mood and mental health.
  2. Viewing the SEL Video (5 minutes): Show the “Social Media and Your Mood” video, featuring real student actors and animations, to illustrate the emotional highs and lows that can be experienced through social media.
  3. Facilitated Debate (10-15 minutes): Using the prepared prompt, divide students into groups for a structured debate on the positive and negative effects of social media. Encourage critical thinking and respectful listening.
  4. Worksheet Activity (10-15 minutes): Distribute the “Social Media and Your Mood” worksheets. Have students work through various scenarios presented, discussing and documenting coping strategies for managing the emotional impact of social media.


The digital landscape is an integral part of our middle schoolers’ lives, making it imperative to discuss the psychological effects of social media. The School Counseling Lesson on Social Media for Middle School offers school counselors an effective tool to address this issue. By facilitating a balanced debate and providing practical worksheets, counselors can help students critically assess their social media use and adopt healthy strategies.

Empowering students to understand the impact of social media on their mood is a step towards fostering well-informed digital citizens. Let’s use this opportunity to guide our students through the complexities of the digital world with confidence and wisdom.

“Social Media and Your Mood” Video Lesson

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