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Free Preschool Thanksgiving Craft

Thanksgiving is a special time to foster gratitude and appreciation, particularly in young learners. ‘The Thankful Tree’ is a free preschool Thanksgiving craft designed to engage preschoolers in a meaningful way, helping them understand and express gratitude.

The Importance of Teaching Gratitude to Preschoolers

Gratitude goes beyond saying “thank you” – it’s about recognizing all that we have to be thankful for. Teaching gratitude to preschoolers lays the foundation for emotional well-being, empathy, and a positive outlook on life.

The Thankful Tree: A Simple and Meaningful Craft

The Thankful Tree is a craft that combines creativity with the concept of thankfulness. It’s an activity that requires minimal preparation yet delivers significant educational and emotional benefits.

Materials Needed:

Steps to Create The Thankful Tree:

  1. Introducing Gratitude: Start the activity by discussing what it means to be thankful. Engage the children in a conversation about the things and people they are grateful for.
  2. Coloring the Tree: Distribute the printables of The Thankful Tree and let the children color their trees.
  3. Preparing the Leaves: While the children are coloring, cut out leaf shapes from colored paper or use the leaf templates included in the printable.
  4. Expressing Thankfulness on Leaves: Assist the children in writing or drawing what they are thankful for on each leaf.
  5. Assembling the Tree: Have the children attach their leaves to their trees, encouraging them to share their thoughts as they do so.
  6. Classroom Sharing: Once the trees are complete, each child can present their tree and discuss their expressions of gratitude.

Educational Objectives

  • Language Development: This activity promotes vocabulary growth and expressive language.
  • Emotional Growth: Discussing gratitude aids in developing emotional awareness.
  • Social Interaction: Sharing their trees helps children practice speaking and active listening.

Tips for a Successful Craft Activity

  • Simplicity is Key: Adapt the activity to match the abilities of your preschoolers.
  • Participation: Ensure every child feels comfortable and is given the opportunity to share.
  • Classroom Display: Use the finished crafts to decorate the classroom, creating a visual representation of gratitude.


The Thankful Tree craft is a perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving in a preschool setting, combining fun with meaningful learning. This free preschool Thanksgiving craft is not just a creative activity, but a platform for young children to explore and express their feelings of gratitude, fostering a positive and thankful mindset from an early age.

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