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Free Preschool Switching Tracks Goal Poster

As preschool teachers, we often encounter situations where our little learners find it challenging to adjust to changes in their routine or plans. Teaching them the concept of ‘switching tracks,’ or adapting to new situations, is crucial for their emotional and cognitive development. This blog post introduces a lesson plan, complete with a “Free Preschool Switching Tracks Goal Poster” to help preschoolers understand and embrace change.

The Importance of Flexibility in Early Childhood

Why Teach ‘Switching Tracks’?

Flexibility is a key life skill. For preschool children, learning to switch tracks from one activity or plan to another is not just about managing disappointment or change; it’s about building resilience and adaptability.

Lesson Plan Overview

Objective: To help preschoolers learn how to adapt to changes positively.

Materials Needed: The “Free Preschool Switching Tracks Goal Poster,” art supplies.

Duration: One 30-minute session.

The Lesson Plan

1. Introduction to ‘Switching Tracks’ (5 minutes)

  • Start by explaining what ‘switching tracks’ means in simple terms.
  • Use examples relevant to their experiences, like changing from playtime to storytime.

2. Exploring the Goal Poster (10 minutes)

  • Present the “Free Preschool Switching Tracks Goal Poster.”
  • Discuss each step: staying calm, using a strategy to stay calm inside, finding a positive in the new plan, and thinking about the necessary switch.

3. Role-Playing Activity (10 minutes)

  • Engage the children in role-playing scenarios where they have to switch tracks.
  • Guide them to use the steps on the goal poster to manage these changes.

4. Creative Reflection (5 minutes)

  • Encourage the children to draw or create something that represents a time they had to switch tracks.
  • Share their creations and discuss how they felt and what they learned.


Teaching preschoolers to ‘switch tracks’ is not just about handling changes in plans; it’s about equipping them with the emotional tools to face life’s unpredictable nature with positivity and resilience. We hope this lesson plan, along with the “Free Preschool Switching Tracks Goal Poster,” becomes a valuable addition to your teaching toolkit.

By fostering these skills early on, we’re helping shape adaptable, emotionally intelligent individuals ready for the adventures that lie ahead.

Sample Video

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