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No-Prep Activity

Empowering Middle School Students Through Positive Self-Talk

Empowering Middle School Students Through Positive Self-Talk


As educators, one of the most significant skills we can cultivate in our middle school students is Positive Self-Talk. This powerful practice equips students to reshape their narrative and promotes a healthy mindset that impacts various areas of their lives. Let’s explore what positive self-talk means and how it fosters a robust foundation for social-emotional learning.

No-Prep Activity

Introducing positive self-talk to your students is surprisingly simple, requiring no additional preparation or materials. Start by encouraging students to identify the voice in their head – their internal dialogue. Have them recognize when this voice is negative and then challenge them to switch these thoughts into more positive, constructive ones.

For instance, a student might feel upset about not performing well in a volleyball game, similar to the character Tim. Instead of wallowing in negativity, the student can redirect their thoughts by saying, “I can try again tomorrow,” or “I’m good at running, I will do better in the track next week.”

Consistent practice of this exercise can significantly influence how students perceive their abilities and respond to challenges.

Discussion Questions

  1. Can you provide an example of a time when you turned a negative thought into a positive one using self-talk?
  2. How did practicing positive self-talk make you feel?
  3. Why do you think positive self-talk can help boost self-esteem and confidence?
  4. How can positive self-talk contribute to a healthier mindset?
  5. In what situations do you think positive self-talk can be most helpful?

Next Steps

Ready to explore more ways to nurture positive self-talk and other SEL skills in your classroom? We have a myriad of resources to help you along the way. Visit our website to sign up for free samples of our skill-building materials. Empower your students with the tools they need to thrive both in and out of the classroom. Your journey towards fostering a more positive, resilient learning environment begins here.

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