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October Content Updates

October 7, 2021
October Content Updates

Take a look at our October content updates! This month, just in time for Halloween, we’re bringing you and your students a free (and adorable) printable candy corn emotions puzzle. Plus, be sure to check out the updates to some of our classic Everyday Speech videos and new games to help your students with problem solving and self-regulation.

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Free Halloween-Themed Printable Activity

Students will practice identifying feelings by piecing together each candy to form a complete candy corn emotion.

candy corn worksheet

We Gave Your Favorite Everyday Speech Videos a Glow Up!

Revisit your favorite Everyday Speech videos, now with better instruction, animation, and visuals. Your students will love them. 

girls in classroom

Ignoring Others’ Behavior | Pre-K – Elementary

Your students will learn to ignore distracting behavior and focus on their work.

boy talking to girl

Gaining Someone’s Attentions | Pre-K – Elementary School

Your students will learn how to politely get someone’s attention by using their voice and body language.

boy talking to girl

Making Connected Comments | Elementary – High School

Your students will learn to make comments that connect with what their conversation partner is saying.

boy talking to girl by lockers

Greeting a Peer | Pre-K – Elementary

Students learn the basic steps for greeting someone they know.

boy talking to girl by bulletin board

Perspective Taking | Elementary – High School

Your students will learn the importance of seeing a problem from another person’s point of view. 

NEW Games

Our new games offer a hands-on way for students to practice problem solving and self-regulation!

Will of the Wheel

In this fun interactive game, students will learn how to identify a problem, evaluate it, and think about solutions.

Social Skills Quiz Show

Your students will put their social skills knowledge to the test with this interactive question and answer game!

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