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Free High School Problem Solving Material

In need of a resource for teaching problem solving to your high schoolers? Look no further, download our free high school problem solving material. This free resource will help your students to use the problem solving steps, identify the size of their problem, and ultimately increase their problem solving independence!

How to Teach Problem Solving to Your High School Students

You can successfully teach problems solving with the help of Everyday Speech’s free problem solving material! This material focuses ‘The Problem Scale’, a problem solving skill that teaches students to determine the size of their problem in order to successfully solve it on their own or with the help of an adult!

Lesson Plan – Using Your Free Problem Solving Material

1. Review The Problem Solving Steps

Before using our free problem solving material, start with reviewing the 5 steps to solving a problem. Students will create new thinking pathways when they practice the series of steps to successfully solve a problem. These steps serve as a mental checklist students can use to solve most problems independently. The problem solving steps include; identifying the problem, deciding if you need help based on the size of the problem, brainstorming multiple solutions, choosing the best solution, and deciding if the problem is solved.

2. Introduce The Problem Scale

Everyday Speech’s free resource will help your students to work through step 2 of the problem solving steps; deciding if you need help based on the size of the problem. Our free material will help you to teach your learners that the way we respond to a problem and go about solving it depends on the size of it. The Problem Scale breaks problems up by very small, small, medium, big, and very big. When students are able to identify the size of their problem, they can more successfully solve smaller problems independently or ask for help when faced with larger problems.

3. Download, Print, Post, & Send Home the Free High School Problem Solving Material

The Problem Scale Goal Poster is an excellent tool to serve as a visual reminder for students when they are solving problems! Download, print and post this Problem Scale poster in your learning space and send this poster home with your students for them to continue strengthening their problem solving skills!

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Sample High School Problem Solving Video:

This sample video below is a great enhancement to this problem solving lesson! Everyday Speech provides real life scenarios as age appropriate actors model new skills. We offer a 30 day free trial for all of our social skills materials!

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