Play Solo

One player games provide an opportunity for social interaction even when there isn’t a group available

Work as a Group

Collaborate to drive conversations, solve problems, create emojis while working together as a team.

Go Head-to-Head

For those that love a competition, play as a class to figure out which team learned the most!

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Interactive Games for Social Skills

Adding in a dash of fun can help students stay more engaged during lessons. That’s why it’s beneficial to include games in lesson plans, whether for special needs, kindergarten, middle school, or even high school students. When teaching or building social skills, games are an excellent tool.

Social skills games can help reinforce content and lessons from your curriculum. Our interactive games, designed by speech-language pathologists and a talented development team, help students master the social skills you teach them in the class or at home. Games serve as useful tools for reinforcing what you’ve taught, and the excitement they bring creates a positive environment in the classroom.

While playing our fun selection of social skills games, children get encouraged to remember what they’ve learned, like making a decision, and how to apply those lessons in practical situations.

Social skills games can also help students think faster or react better to social situations, which builds decision-making and problem-solving skills. The games themselves can also provide teachable moments if students are in either a competitive or cooperative setting.

As players, children can address social situations across many different context, which can promote generalization and carryover of skill. While the students have fun playing these interactive games, they’re adding tools to their social toolbox.

In addition to interactive online games, you can also download and print board games and card games.

Use these multiplayer games to help students develop healthy competitive skills. They can also play in groups and learn to support each other too, which can build valuable communication skills as they play alongside classmates.

How Much Do Social-Emotional Learning Games Cost?

Our social-emotional learning games, which come as part of a complete curriculum that includes videos, games, activities, and worksheets, cost $299.99 per school year. This price also includes a free one-month trial. If you’re looking to access the social skills videos only, we offer a videos-only bundle. This bundle costs $199.99 per school year and includes a free one-month trial.

With your annual subscription, you’ll gain access to the most comprehensive collection of online social skills teaching materials.

Monthly subscriptions are also available, with the full curriculum costing $34.99 per month and the videos-only curriculum costing $24.99 per month.

The games are great for practicing and reinforcing new concepts. Both educators and learners love how interactive and fun they are!

We also continue to develop and add new materials every month, which you can access at any time with your subscription. Teach your students throughout the year with live-action videos, animated explainer videos, games, printable worksheets, and provide them with valuable skills that they’ll take to the next grade level.

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"I love the video modeling in Everyday Speech. The videos keep my students engaged and provide examples of how to interact appropriately, as well as how not to act."

— Denise Ortlieb-Herbert, M. A. CCC-SLP

"The ease of access to such a wide variety of social concepts - including worksheets, video models, practice scenarios, and games- has been a godsend to my lesson planning."

— Hannah Turner, M.S. CCC-SLP - Institute for Learning & Development

"Everyday Speech’s video modeling and contrasting behavior videos--as well as their other resources-- are excellent sources of visual support for building social cognition! Aligned with evidence based practice, their Social Learning Platform is currently the best place to access a huge range of videos, along with guidance and roadmaps for using them."

— Sean J. Sweeney, CCC-SLP

"As a speech-language pathologist working in telepractice, I have found Everyday Speech to be a wonderful resource. The social skills videos are a fantastic teaching tool to use with students in online sessions."

— Sara Smith M.S., CCC-SLP, E-Therapy

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