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Interactive Games

Adding in a bit of cooperative or competitive fun, our online games are an engaging, interactive teaching tool.

Game Features

  • Single and multiplayer games available
  • Fully functional on computers and tablets
  • New games added monthly
  • Modify settings to fit your students’ needs

Play Solo

One player games provide an opportunity for social interaction even when there isn’t a group available

Work as a Group

Collaborate to drive conversations, solve problems, create emojis while working together as a team.

Go Head-to-Head

For those that love a competition, play as a class to figure out which team learned the most!

Interactive Social Skills Games

Adding in a dash of fun can help students stay more engaged during lessons. That’s why it’s beneficial to include games in lesson plans, whether for special needs, kindergarten, middle school, or even high school students. When teaching or building social skills, games are an excellent tool.

Social skills games can help reinforce content and lessons from your curriculum. Our interactive games, designed by speech-language pathologists and a talented development team, help students master the social skills you teach them in the class or at home. Games serve as useful tools for reinforcing what you've taught, and the excitement they bring creates a positive environment in the classroom.

While playing our fun selection of social skills games, children get encouraged to remember what they've learned, like making a decision, and how to apply those lessons in practical situations.

Social skills games can also help students think faster or react better to social situations, which builds decision-making and problem-solving skills. The games themselves can also provide teachable moments if students are in either a competitive or cooperative setting.

As players, children can address social situations across many different context, which can promote generalization and carryover of skill. While the students have fun playing these interactive games, they’re adding tools to their social toolbox.

In addition to interactive online games, you can also download and print board games and card games.

Use these multiplayer games to help students develop healthy competitive skills. They can also play in groups and learn to support each other too, which can build valuable communication skills as they play alongside classmates.

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Our framework of Skills, Goals, and Objectives provides a quick and easy way to find the perfect material to complete your lesson.

How Much Do Social Skills Games Cost?

Our selection of social skills games comes as part of a complete curriculum, which costs $299.99 per school year.

This curriculum includes videos, no-prep activities, games, worksheets and printable activities, providing you with a perfect lesson plan for teaching valuable social skills. By giving you 4 months free compared to the monthly plan, our school year pricing takes into account that you may not use the courses throughout the summer months, and gives you a discount on top of that!

Your social-emotional skills games and courses subscription qualifies you for a free one-month trial. For 30 days, you have full access to all these helpful resources.

Browse and use the biggest collection of social skills teaching materials available anywhere.

We also regularly update our library and add new materials every month of the school year. Use these materials, plus our fun selection of social skills games, to give your students the tools for success.

Who Uses Social-Emotional Skills Games?

Anyone can use social-emotional skills games. Some of the most common users, though, include:

  • Special education teachers & Diverse Learning Professionals: Special education teachers, speech-language pathologists, and other professionals can incorporate these games and lesson plans into classrooms with ease.
  • School teachers: Teachers can use these games to make learning fun and reinforce social skills taught in class.
  • Parents: Parents who want to help their children build or improve their social skills will find these interactive games useful.
  • Private practices: Private practices can use these interactive games to help children build valuable social skills.

If you're a teacher, whether to kindergarten, elementary, middle, or even high school students, you can apply these social skills games in a variety of ways. Reinforce lessons about conversation skills, problem-solving, relationships, and more with these videos and courses. Give your students a fun and exciting way to learn skills that will last a lifetime.

Use the online games in the classroom or download and print the board games. Let your students play these social-emotional skills games at home or during class to give them multiple opportunities to reinforce valuable social lessons and skills.

Every teacher that needs to save time while planning their lessons appreciates the power of having games that reinforce learning. With these interactive games, you create a nurturing and productive learning environment. Engaging students in exciting, fun-filled activities in the classroom makes students enjoy the lessons and encourages them to use the knowledge they’ve gained in social situations.

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