All Done For You:
Structured syllabus, lesson plans, and teaching materials to confidently integrate SEL

Interactive lesson plans based on fundamental skills

Backed by 20 years of research, our No-Prep curriculums are developmentally sequenced into skills, goals, and units like building blocks, guiding students to continually apply and build upon previously taught skills. We provide the roadmap, empowering you with the ability to follow it closely or flexibly based on your students’ needs.

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Everyday Speech Curriculum Summary

Better mental well-being nurtures student growth

Along with academic success, SEL provides fundamental skills that guide individual growth as human beings and as a society as a whole.

Empower educators with No-Prep lesson plans

With support throughout every stage of learning, we instill confidence in teachers to help students shape healthier, happier, and fulfilling futures through SEL development.

40 week curriculums that fit your weekly lessons

Developed sequentially for improved retention, our curriculum provides the roadmap and materials you need to teach SEL from day 1 in just ~30 minutes a week.

Focused on student and professional learning

Our platform not only delivers the best materials to your students, but offers professional training videos as well. Along with a handy “What to Do” section on every material, you’ll never start a lesson feeling unprepared again.

Video lesson
What to do next:
Step 1: Discuss
Step 2: Practice
Students who participate in SEL-based programs show
  • 11%
    Spike in academic achievements for SEL students
  • 10%
    Reduction in behavioral, psychological & substance abuse problems by the age of 25
  • 42%
    Reduced likeliness to be involved in physical aggression in schools

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