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Goals included in the
Perspective Taking unit:
  • Tuning In(Observing Yourself and Others)
    Tuning In
  • Understanding Others' Point of View
    Understanding Others' Point of View
  • Empathy Essentials
    Empathy Essentials

The Perspective Taking unit includes no materials!

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What will students learn in the Perspective Taking unit?

Perspective taking — otherwise known as empathy — involves seeing things from another point of view and trying to understand the thoughts and feelings of others. The Everyday Speech social skills curriculum includes a unit on Perspective Taking, with lessons on topics such as tuning in and understanding others’ points of view. Building empathy skills like these equips students to build successful friendships, use social cues to read others’ feelings, and develop compassion. Teaching perspective taking with Everyday Speech requires zero prep work – you’ll find everything you need in our no-prep curriculum full of videos, worksheets, games, and more.

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