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Goals included in the
Behaviors unit:
  • Keeping Hands to Yourself
    Keeping Hands to Yourself
  • Ignoring Others' Behavior
    Ignoring Others' Behavior
  • Accepting a Consequence
    Accepting a Consequence
  • On Purpose Plan(Accidents vs. Intentional)
    On Purpose Plan

The Behaviors unit includes no materials!

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What will students learn in the Behaviors unit?

Learning behavior skills provides students with a framework for what is acceptable or appropriate when interacting with other people. Everyday Speech offers a full, no-prep curriculum specifically designed to target behavioral skills like Keeping Hands to Yourself, Accepting a Consequence, and Ignoring Others’ Behavior. Through engaging videos, web games, and activities within these categories, students will learn how to read social situations, manage their emotions, and problem solve in difficult situations.

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