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Goals included in the
Advanced Conversation Skills unit:
  • Conversation Measuring Cup(Giving Long or Short Responses)
    Conversation Measuring Cup
  • Background Brief(Telling a Narrative)
    Background Brief
  • Direct and Indirect Language
    Direct and Indirect Language
  • Disguised Thoughts(Using Nonliteral Language)
    Disguised Thoughts
  • Using Humor & Sarcasm
    Using Humor & Sarcasm
  • Cyber Skills(Online Communication)
    Cyber Skills

The Advanced Conversation Skills unit includes no materials!

Complete SEL lesson plans to teach Advanced Conversation Skills

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What will students learn in the Advanced Conversation Skills unit?

Once students have mastered their basic conversational skills, it’s time to take things to the next level. The Advanced Conversation Skills unit in the Everyday Speech curriculum is designed to help your students know when to give long and short conversational responses, how to tell a narrative, and whether to use direct or indirect language based on the situation. Students will also learn the ins and outs of complicated non-literal language, like figures of speech and sarcasm. There’s no need for you to create your own lesson plans or materials to teach conversation skills – everything is already done for you!

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