Full Curriculum Hygiene Improving Your Hygiene

Improving Your Hygiene

These lessons focus on frequent routines as our learners strengthen their daily hygiene. Morning and evening hygiene routines are discussed along with showering routines, deodorant routines, and frequently washing hands to increase our learners’ independence level.

Sample Video:

Getting Ready in the Morning

SOCIAL SKILLS IN ACTION (SSIA) – When we wake up and before we go to school, there are certain things we have to do to get clean. If we follow these steps, we’ll be sure that we are maintaining good hygiene.

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Narrator: Our hygiene is how clean we keep our body. Good hygiene keeps us healthy and makes other people comfortable around us. If we don’t have good hygiene, we can get sick and make other people feel uncomfortable around us. If we don’t have a clean smell or we look dirty, people may not want to be around us. We need to have good hygiene every day. 


When we wake up in the morning, there are a few things we should do to get ready. Every day, we should think “How’s my hygiene?” (How’s my hygiene icon appears.) Every morning, we should wash our hands with soap. 


<Animated scene>

(Boy 1 washing his hands with soap.)


Narrator: Next, wash our face with soap or face wash. 


<Animated scene>

(Boy 1 washing his face with soap or face wash.)


Narrator: Make sure we clean any cuts, pimples, or scabs in private in the bathroom. 


<Animated scene>

(Boy 1 cleaning his face.)


Narrator: Dry off with a towel. 


<Animated scene>

(Boy 1 drying off with a towel.)


Narrator: We brush and floss our teeth. 


<Animated scene>

(Boy 1 brushing and flossing his teeth.)


Narrator: We get dressed with clean clothes. 


<Animated scene>

(Boy 1 getting dressed with clean clothes.)


Narrator: Make sure to put on deodorant. 


<Animated scene>

(Boy 1 putting on deodorant.)


Narrator: Finally, we brush our hair and make sure it looks neat. 


<Animated scene>

(Boy 1 brushing his hair neatly.)


Narrator: Some people also like to shower in the morning and some do it at night. Pick one time a day that’s best for you to take a shower. We need to do all of these things every day — not just some days. When we are clean and have good hygiene, people feel comfortable and want to be around us. Hygiene also keeps us healthy. So remember, every day before we go to school, we should think “How’s my hygiene?” (How’s my hygiene icon appears.)


Companion Worksheet:

Every video comes with a companion worksheet for students to review what they just learned. This helps assess comprehension and promote generalization by reinforcing the concepts covered in the video.

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