Everyday Speech Skill: Hygiene

Lesson Plans to Teach Proper Hygiene

If children are to become engaged, professional members of society in the long-term — and make fun friendships in the here and now — good personal hygiene is a must! A natural part of growing up is learning the fundamentals of proper hygiene and implementing healthy habits from a young age.

Proper hygiene is a core part of Everyday Speech’s curriculum. You can use our interactive lessons to teach children all about hygiene, why it’s important and how to start putting good personal hygiene habits into practice. All this and more is accomplished through dynamic video modeling, worksheets and games! Children will have a chance to apply the knowledge they’ve been taught to help each practice stick.

Kids Are Taught How to Follow Good Hygiene Habits — and Why They’re Important

Following a how and why mentality, Everyday Speech has created a curriculum designed to increase children’s understanding of hygiene. This includes an overview of basic standards for handwashing, sneezing, brushing teeth, washing hair and more. Kids will also learn the importance of regular morning and evening routines in addition to basic bathroom hygiene etiquette.

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Recommended sequence to teach


  • Understanding Hygiene
    Understanding Hygiene
  • Improving Your Hygiene
    Improving Your Hygiene

Our Platform has 2 Videos, 2 Activities and 2 Games on Hygiene

Videos to teach Hygiene

Interactive online games to teach Hygiene

Worksheets and activities to teach Hygiene

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