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Lesson Plans to Teach Behavioral Skills

Behavioral skills provide the framework for what is acceptable and appropriate when interacting with other people. Without basic behavioral skills, children have a particularly hard time integrating with others and forming healthy social relationships. Behavioral skills aren’t intuitive for every child — in fact, many struggle with identifying and enacting acceptable behavior, such as those students who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disability or other social or emotional needs. Increasingly, teachers see the value in teaching behavioral skills to all their students as well.

Whether you work with children in a classroom one-on-one or in small groups, you’re likely already aware of the reality that so-called proper behavior isn’t intrinsic. So how do we go about teaching these social-emotional skills to students?

Everyday Speech offers a curriculum specifically designed to target behavioral skills. Through engaging videos, web games and activities, students will learn essential skills such as reading social situations, managing emotions and problem-solving in difficult situations. The three primary goals of our behavior skills unit are broken down into lessons, including keeping hands to yourself, accepting a consequence and on purpose plan, which distinguishes between accidental versus intentional behavior.

Learning That Caters to Both Student and Teacher

The goal of our behavior skills curriculum is simple: to teach essential basic behavioral skills that will help children to grow increasingly aware and competent in their social dynamics. The coinciding goal is to lighten the load for teachers, diverse learning professionals, speech therapists, parents and private practice professionals. Our team at Everyday Speech knows the countless hours that go into preparing lesson plans, particularly for classrooms that have students with varying needs.

Our curriculum is the answer to this challenge. Each no-prep lesson plan is designed to be fully accessible, so you can start using them right away. With quality content and interactive material, students will be engaged from the get-go, giving you the opportunity to guide a number of students through different lessons at the same time.

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Recommended sequence to teach


  • Keeping Hands to Yourself
    Keeping Hands to Yourself
  • Ignoring Others' Behavior
    Ignoring Others' Behavior
  • Accepting a Consequence
    Accepting a Consequence
  • On Purpose Plan(Accidents vs. Intentional)
    On Purpose Plan

Our Platform has 2 Videos, 2 Activities and 2 Games on Behaviors

Videos to teach Behaviors

Interactive online games to teach Behaviors

Worksheets and activities to teach Behaviors

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