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Lesson Plans to Teach Advanced Conversation Skills

Once students have mastered their basic conversational skills, it’s time to take their newfound abilities to the next level. Advanced conversation skills lessons are designed to continue increasing children’s ability to converse and communicate adeptly. These lessons will hone children’s ability to use specific conversation skills like humor and sarcasm to illustrate a point or connect with others.

In addition to teaching these skills to students with Developmental Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and other social and emotional needs, educators are also seeing the benefits of teaching conversation skills to all students in general education settings. As students develop advanced conversation skills, they’ll be able to more easily express themselves and discover their own unique style of communication.

Sequence of goals for: Advanced Conversation Skills
  • 1
    Conversation Measuring Cup(Giving Long or Short Responses) Conversation Measuring Cup
  • 2
    Background Brief(Telling a Narrative) Background Brief
  • 3
    Direct and Indirect Language Direct and Indirect Language
  • 4
    Disguised Thoughts(Using Nonliteral Language) Disguised Thoughts
  • 5
    Using Humor & Sarcasm Using Humor & Sarcasm
  • 6
    Cyber Skills(Online Communication) Cyber Skills

Fully Designed Advanced Conversation Skills Lesson Plans

Everyday Speech offers six different goals to help children expand their conversational abilities. These include learning how to gauge social cues in order to give long or short conversational responses, telling a narrative, and when to use direct or indirect language.

Students will also learn the ins and outs of complicated non-literal language in the form of common figures of speech, a conversational style that can be very challenging for literal thinkers. Finally, the curriculum includes an introduction to sarcasm and humor and a lesson on digital etiquette.

Our fully designed curriculum takes the burden of lesson planning from teachers and facilitators and enables them to meet students exactly where they are. Some children may require more time focusing on a specific skill while others are ready to move ahead to the next step. Instead of creating several lesson plans for one set of children, you can use our curriculum to modify the material and cater to multiple needs at one time.

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