Zoom & Video Meeting Activities

virtual and video meeting activities for etiquette

The pandemic changed many things about our day-to-day lives. It especially changed how we interact with one another! With many schools transitioning to hybrid or fully remote learning models over the past year, virtual meetings have become the new normal. Last year, it was reported that nearly 93% of all US students experienced some form of distance learning. Lucky for you, Everyday Speech now has two new materials to help teach your learners proper virtual meeting etiquette. Introducing our new Zoom and Video Meeting Activities!

Video Meeting Do’s & Don’ts: This digital sorting activity helps you quickly review video meeting rules and etiquette, like logging in on time and unmuting to say goodbye at the end of a lesson. This activity can be printed out or played right on screen!

Conversation Stoplight- Zoom Edition: This digital sorting activity helps you to teach and review with your learners when to mute or unmute during Zoom video lessons! This activity can also be printed out or played right on screen!

To “play on screen,” you need to have an Everyday Speech account. Once you’re signed in, you can find these new activities by searching for “Video Meeting Do’s & Don’ts” and “Conversation Stoplight- Zoom Edition.”  Don’t forget… You can also add these materials to a list, send them as homework, and mark them as seen for any student or group! 

Happy Teaching!


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