November Newest Videos + Lesson Units!

Hello, everyone! We have a month of new materials for you!

New Lesson Units

New videos unlock entire units in our curriculum! Check out new units here.

Handling Teasing and Bullying
Lesson Units for Middle – High School
Unit 1: What is Bullying?
Unit 2: How to Handle Bullying

Following Directions
Lesson Units for Pre-K – Elementary
Unit 1: Learning How to Follow Directions
Unit 2: Following Directions the First Time

Working with a Group
Lesson Unit for Pre-K – Elementary
Unit 2: How to Work in Groups

New Monthly Videos

Every month of the year, we promise to add new Video Modeling Lessons to our curriculum!

  1. The Four Types of Bullying
  2. Cyberbullying
  3. Following Directions Steps Introduction
  4. Following Directions Steps
  5. Agree more than Disagree

New Games

SOCIAL SKILLS QUIZ SHOW – Conversation Drivers and Stoppers
SOCIAL SKILLS QUIZ SHOW – Situational Awareness

New Printables

Launch an informative unit on bullying this year with our new worksheets and activities. Here are three of our favorites, but make sure to go to the platform for more!

  1. Let’s Talk About Bullying
  2. When Friends Don’t Act Like Friends
  3. Cyberbullying Scenarios

Sharpen Direction Following with this activity.

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