Update: New Interactive Worksheets & Features

In case you missed it, a large selection of our activities and worksheets are now interactive! This means that your students can now complete work directly on screen without the need for print-outs. Additionally, answers are now autograded and can be sent to you as a PDF from your students. Perfect for e-learning!

If you don’t already have access to our full social-emotional learning platform, then sign up today with a free 30 day trial.

5 Types of Interactive Worksheets

Fill-in-the-Blank: Students are able to drag and drop answers from a word bank. These worksheets are perfect for our beginner learners!

Matching: Students will have a blast dragging and dropping their answers on screen!

Sorting: These worksheets auto-grade when a student sends you a PDF of their finished work. Consider your IEP data done!

Open-Ended Question and Answer: Your students can type their answers and send you a PDF of their completed work (which you can then save for progress monitoring and assessment data!) These will be life-savers if you aren’t seeing your students in person.

Spinner: Click to spin the wheel and watch as students delight in these activities, perfect for screen sharing or sending your students to open during a video conference!

Downloadable PDF Samples

If you’re already an Everyday Speech user, then you can see all our interactive activities and worksheets by searching for “Interactive” within the social-emotional learning platform.

If you’re not already signed up, we encourage you to try out our platform. Over 14,000+ educators trust and love us, and we hope you become part of our community too.

“Everyday Speech allows my students to visually examine various scenarios that they encounter in their everyday experiences at school. The program is THE BEST program I have used with my students to teach Social Skills. The extension activities(i.e. games, worksheets), really help reinforce and solidify many of these important topics.”

-Ben Boettner, M.S., Special Education Teacher

See many more testimonials from educators like yourself of how Everyday Speech has made teaching easier and more fun.


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