December Newest Videos + Lesson Units!

Hello, everyone! We have new materials for you!

New Lesson Units

New videos unlock entire units in our curriculum! Check out new units here.

Keeping an Open Mind
Lesson Units for Pre K – Elementary
Unit 1: What is an Open and Closed Mind?
Unit 2: How to Keep an Open Mind

Lesson Units for Pre-K – Elementary
Unit 1: What is Compromising?

New Monthly Videos

Here are the new videos we have for you this month!

  1. Keeping an Open Mind Introduction
  2. Keeping an Open Mind in School
  3. Keeping an Open Mind with Friends
  4. Compromising Introduction
  5. Compromising with Others

New Printables

Help your students open their minds to new ideas and trying new things. We have many new printables this month. Here’s our favorite one: Keeping an Open Mind Packet.

This activity packet includes an introduction you can use to teach this skill to students, a step by step visual guide, a Keeping an Open Mind headband game, an additional new ideas activity, and a review activity.
Activity 1 – Open Mind Headband
Activity 2 – Light Up Your Brain with New Ideas

We won an award!

We’re so proud to have won an Academics’ Choice Award for 2019 Smart Media! Check out what they had to say about the Social Learning Platform here!

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