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Interactive Calming Toolbox for Preschool

Early childhood is a crucial period for emotional development. As early childhood educators, we play a pivotal role in equipping our young learners with the tools they need to navigate their emotions. Today, let’s explore an enticing digital activity titled My Calming Toolbox, tailored specifically for preschoolers, which teaches them how to select appropriate calm-down strategies.

The Significance of Calming Strategies in Early Childhood

The preschool years are characterized by rapid emotional and social development. Kids are constantly discovering new feelings and learning how to react to various situations. By introducing them to calming strategies early on, we set the foundation for healthier emotional regulation throughout their lives.

Dive into the Interactive Calming Toolbox for Preschool

This digital activity has been designed keeping our little tech-savvy learners in mind. “My Calming Toolbox” is an intuitive platform where students can select three different calm-down techniques to incorporate into their personalized digital toolbox.

Materials Needed:

  1. Devices with internet access (tablets or computers).
  2. The “My Calming Toolbox” digital activity from Everyday Speech.

Lesson Plan: Embracing Calm with the Digital Toolbox

Objective: By the end of the lesson, preschoolers will be able to identify and select three calm-down strategies to include in their personal digital calming toolbox.

Duration: 30 minutes

  1. Introduction (5 minutes)
    • Begin with a simple discussion about feelings. You might ask, “How do you feel when you’re upset?” or “What do you do when you’re sad?”
    • Briefly introduce the idea of a toolbox that can help them feel better.
  2. Exploration of the Digital Activity (10 minutes)
    • Guide students on how to use My Calming Toolbox.
    • Allow them to explore the various calming strategies presented in the digital platform, such as deep breathing, hugging a plush toy, or imagining a happy place.
  3. Interactive Selection (5 minutes)
    • Encourage each child to select three strategies they resonate with.
    • As they make their choices, facilitate a discussion on why they chose those particular methods.
  4. Conclusion and Share Time (5 minutes)
    • Let a few volunteers share their selections with the class.
    • Reiterate the importance of turning to their toolbox whenever they feel overwhelmed.

Benefits of a Digital Approach

In today’s digitized world, young learners are more receptive to interactive digital content. The Interactive Calming Toolbox for Preschool not only appeals to their tech inclinations but also provides a hands-on way to explore their emotions.

Wrap Up

Emotional literacy is as crucial as any other skill we teach our preschoolers. With the “My Calming Toolbox” digital activity, early childhood educators have a dynamic tool to foster this essential competency. Let’s empower our little ones with the strategies they need to navigate their emotions confidently.

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