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High School Conversation GPS Activity Packet

As speech pathologists, we often encounter high schoolers who need assistance navigating the landscape of conversations. They may possess emergent to intermediate communication skills but struggle to maintain a discussion or ask the right questions. Enter the High School Conversation GPS Activity Packet, a treasure trove of tools tailored to aid these students. This game-oriented approach ensures learning is not only effective but also fun!

The Need for Conversation GPS in High Schools

High school can be a challenging period for students with communication difficulties. They’re expected to engage in mature conversations, both academically and socially. Hence, a tool like the Conversation GPS becomes invaluable, teaching them the art of conversation navigation.

Unpacking the High School Conversation GPS Activity Packet

This downloadable PDF packet is not just a game but a structured approach to enhancing conversational abilities. It cleverly utilizes question/comment cards to scaffold students’ responses, guiding them to delve into “WH” questions or create comments/connections on specific topics.

Lesson Plan: Steering Conversations the Right Way

Objective: By the end of the lesson, students will demonstrate improved conversational skills by using appropriate “WH” questions, maintaining topics, and adopting suitable body language.

Duration: 30 minutes

  1. Introduction (5 minutes)
  2. Demonstration & Instructions (10 minutes)
    • Display and explain the game components.
    • Highlight the use of question/comment cards and introduce the concept of a “Conversation Stopper.”
  3. Game Play (15 minutes)
    • Divide students into pairs or small groups and initiate the game.
    • As they play, observe their interactions. When a student uses a “Conversation Stopper”, intervene, guiding them to refine their response.
    • Remember to ensure students use appropriate body language and maintain topics.
  4. Reflection & Feedback (5 minutes)
    • Discuss the students’ experiences.
    • Encourage them to utilize the skills learned in real-life scenarios.

The Role of the Speech Pathologist

While the game is interactive and student-led, the SLP’s guidance is paramount. Students not only learn the basics of conversation but also the nuances like tone, body language, and the art of naturally extending a conversation.

In Conclusion

The High School Conversation GPS Activity Packet is a unique blend of game-based learning and structured speech therapy. It’s an invaluable asset for SLPs aiming to enhance the conversational skills of their high school students.

Sample Video

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