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Gaining Independence Lesson for High School

As high school special education teachers, one of our most rewarding challenges is guiding students toward greater independence. This journey not only prepares them for the adult world but also builds their confidence and self-esteem. This blog post introduces a comprehensive gaining independence lesson plan for high school, including a “Becoming More Independent” worksheet, aimed at empowering special education students to take steps towards autonomy.

Lesson Plan Overview

Duration: 30 minutes

Materials: “Becoming More Independent” worksheet (downloadable PDF)

Objective: To help students identify areas for growth in independence and develop actionable strategies to address them.

Preparation Steps

  1. Download and print the “Becoming More Independent” worksheet for each student.
  2. Prepare a supportive environment conducive to open discussion and reflection.

Lesson Execution

  1. Introduction to Independence (5-10 minutes): Begin by discussing the concept of independence and its importance in personal development and future success. Emphasize that gaining independence is a process that everyone works through at their own pace.
  2. Worksheet Activity (10 minutes): Hand out the worksheets. Guide students through the questions and fill-in-the-blank options, encouraging them to think about what independence means to them and areas where they feel they could become more independent.
  3. Group Discussion (10 minutes): Facilitate a group discussion, allowing students to share their thoughts and feelings about independence. Encourage them to discuss the strategies they believe could help them become more independent.


The path to independence for high school special education students is both a personal and collective journey. By engaging with the “Becoming More Independent” worksheet, students can start to identify their own goals for independence and the steps they need to take to achieve them. This lesson plan is designed to spark meaningful conversations about autonomy and self-reliance, providing students with the tools they need to navigate their way towards independence confidently.

Empowering your students to become more independent not only prepares them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead but also instills a sense of self-worth and achievement. Remember, the goal is to support our students in becoming the best versions of themselves, equipped with the skills to tackle the future head-on.

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