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Free Elementary Thanksgiving Craft

Thanksgiving isn’t just about feasts and parades; it’s a time for reflection and gratitude. Special educators can bring this spirit into their classrooms with a fun and meaningful craft activity from Everyday Speech. Check out this this free elemententary Thanksgiving craft and lesson plan!

The Essence of Thanksgiving in the Classroom

Integrating Thanksgiving themes in education helps in:

  1. Fostering Gratitude: Encouraging students to recognize and appreciate the good in their lives.
  2. Enhancing Creativity: Crafting activities spark imagination and innovation.
  3. Building Community: Group activities strengthen bonds among students.

Lesson Plan: Thanksgiving Craft Activity


Inspire students to express their gratitude through a creative Thanksgiving-themed craft activity.


Step-by-Step Activities:

  1. Introduction to Gratitude (10 minutes)
    • Start with a discussion about Thanksgiving and its significance.
    • Encourage students to think about what they are grateful for.
  2. Crafting the Turkey Placemat (20 minutes)
    • Distribute the turkey placemat templates and crafting materials.
    • Guide students in creating and decorating their turkeys. Each feather can represent something they’re thankful for.

3. Sharing Gratitude (10 minutes)

  • Invite students to share their turkey placemats and explain their gratitude feathers.
  • Foster a respectful and attentive listening environment.


Thanksgiving crafts are a delightful way to bring the essence of the holiday into the classroom. By focusing on gratitude, special educators can nurture a sense of appreciation and community among their students, making Thanksgiving more meaningful.

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