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Elementary Problem-Solving Poster

Elementary school counselors, social workers, and psychologists play a critical role in teaching students essential life skills, and problem-solving is at the heart of these. This blog post provides a detailed lesson plan centered around the “Elementary Problem-Solving Poster,” a tool designed to guide students through the steps of effective problem-solving.

Lesson Plan Overview

Duration: 30 minutes

Materials: “Elementary Problem-Solving Poster” printable, writing materials

Objective: To teach students a structured approach to solving problems, enhancing their critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Preparation Steps

  1. Download and print the “Elementary Problem-Solving Poster” for each student.
  2. Prepare a classroom setting conducive to discussion and individual reflection.

Lesson Execution

  1. Introduction to Problem-Solving (5 minutes): Begin with a discussion about problem-solving and why it’s an important skill.
  2. Exploring the Problem-Solving Steps (10 minutes): Distribute the posters and walk students through each step: Identify the problem, Decide if you need help, Brainstorm solutions, Choose the best solution, and Review the outcome.
  3. Interactive Activity (10-15 minutes): Have students think of a problem they’ve encountered and use their posters to explore the steps. Encourage them to write/draw their thoughts.
  4. Group Discussion and Reflection (5 minutes): Facilitate a group discussion about the process. Encourage students to share their experiences and reflect on each of the steps.


The “Elementary Problem-Solving Poster” provides a simple yet effective framework for teaching problem-solving skills. By equipping students with this step-by-step approach, educators can foster independent thinking and resilience, crucial for their academic and personal growth.

Sample Video

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