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Which Everyday Speech Plant Are You?

You’ve met Shelly, Spike, Taylor, Hugo, Sunny, and Frankie, but did you know each Everyday Speech plant has its own personality? Our plants mimic a classroom where each individual has their own set of unique traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Just like the plants act according to their personalities in the videos, we act according to our own personalities in real life!

Knowing each plant’s unique personality traits can be a useful teaching tool. You can prompt your learners by asking questions like, “Are you feeling like Taylor and need some time to yourself?” or, “Spike gets mad fast, too. Do you remember what Spike does to calm down?” This is a great way for your students to learn about themselves while not feeling alone in their struggles.

Follow the flowchart below to see which Everyday Speech plant you are! 

Learn more about your Everyday Speech plant:



Highly energetic and talkative, you can organize people as quickly as you can host a party. You meet new people quickly and help others feel comfortable. You can overlook quiet people accidentally, and sometimes overstep your boundaries, even though you have good intentions. Others like how well you invite them into your groups.



Humble and shy, you are creative and self-aware. Communicating feelings doesn’t come naturally to you, but takes some coaxing. You lean toward calm interests like art and meditation. Family is important to you. You’d rather have a small group of close friends who are trustworthy than a lot of acquaintances you know you can’t rely on. Too much socializing can feel tiring to you. When this happens, you need alone time to recharge your battery.



A natural empath, you’re usually first on the scene when someone is in need. You’re quick to feel what others feel, but this includes feeling your feelings deeply as well. This means strong emotions can overwhelm you sometimes. Trusting and sweet, you can get too close to people before you realize they don’t share your values or morals.


Big hearted and bold, you can ride big swings in emotions comfortably. Others are drawn to your passion for life. You tend to be the CEO in your social groups, calling the shots and making decisions. Sometimes you can be impatient when others don’t make quick decisions. You’re best paired with steady people who enjoy the adventure and color you bring to their life.


Neat and tidy, you crave a high amount of control in your day and in your relationships. Others hand you a lot of responsibility because it seems you can handle it all with ease. You can handle a lot with a cool head, right up until a breaking point, which comes as a surprise to others. Better self-care and advocacy are great goals for you to tackle.


Naturally carefree, you tend to be the least worried about the details and are more focused on enjoying the moment and other people. You prioritize experiences over things or gifts. Your super strength is staying calm when others aren’t. Your space can get messy, but you’ll find the things you need eventually, right? Because so many things interest you, you can sometimes seem easily distracted.

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