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Tips on How to Keep Your Chill

December 17, 2020

Tis’ the season. Whether it’s the smell of fresh-baked cookies, the excitement of the getting and gifting, or simply being surrounded by your loved-ones there is no denying the magic that comes with the holiday season. 

That same buzz can be felt around the school building as educators and students count down the days to winter break. Add some, er… LOTS of sugar to some already hyped-up kids and that can lead to some very stressed out teachers. So how do we allow students to enjoy the holiday season without losing our sanity in the process? 
We promote self-regulation as a part of our classroom practices or in other words, we teach kids how to keep their CHILL.

What is Self-Regulation?

Self-regulation allows a person to control their impulses in order to react to situations appropriately. Trust us– we know this is no easy feat. Many of our kids struggle with self-regulation, which is why it is so important that we build these learning opportunities into our classrooms and therapy rooms.

Ways to promote self-regulation at school:

  1. Read books about self-regulation:
  • “The Angry Dragon” by Michael Gordon
  • “When Sophie Gets Angry–Really, Really Angry” by Molly Bang
  • “My Mouth is a Volcano” by Julia Cook 
  • “Waiting is Not Easy” by Mo Willems

Wanting more suggestions for your classroom library? Check out this list: “60 Books to Support Self-Regulation Skills” by Counselor Keri.

  1. Play games that teach our students how to have fun, but also control their impulses and reactions. Games like Red Light, Green Light, Freeze Dance, and Simon Says encourage students to practice self-control (bonus: all require no materials to play!).
  2. Incorporate mindfulness activities into the classroom, like deep breathing and body breaks. Everyday Speech now has a dedicated spot in our curriculum for these types of videos here. Also make sure to scroll down to the end of this blog for an ES exclusive, winter-themed, breathing exercise freebie!

Promoting self-regulation in the classroom better equips students to handle the emotional swings that come with the holiday season (or any time of year, really!). Try to prepare your students for the excitement of holiday parties and ample sweet treats by completing this ES freebie activity. This winter-themed, breathing exercise provides students with an opportunity to practice using deep breathing as a strategy to help self-regulate their emotions and calm their bodies. Maybe this year we won’t go into the winter break feeling like we got run over by Santa’s sleigh, but if not, there’s always next winter, right?

Want more tips and materials for teaching self-regulation? With lesson plans focused on staying calm, keeping an open mind, keeping self-control, and handling change, you’ll be equipped with an extensive library of materials on the Everyday Speech platform.

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