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Free High School Self-Reflection Lesson Plan

Start empowering your high school students today with the free self-reflection lesson plan. Cultivate self-reflection skills that foster personal growth and better decision-making. Help your students become thoughtful, conscientious decision-makers who positively impact their lives and the world around them.

Understanding Self-Reflection

Before we delve into the practical activities, let’s establish a solid understanding of self-reflection. Self-reflection involves examining thoughts, feelings, and actions to evaluate their impact on oneself and others. By encouraging self-reflection, we empower students to develop self-awareness, critical thinking skills, and make informed decisions.

The Benefits of Self-Reflection

Self-reflection offers numerous benefits to high school students. It fosters personal growth by identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Moreover, self-reflection helps students recognize behavior and thought patterns, leading to enhanced problem-solving abilities.

Integrating Self-Reflection Activities

Now, let’s explore simple, no-prep activities to seamlessly integrate into your special education classroom. These activities encourage self-reflection, boost engagement, and promote personal growth.

  1. Daily Journaling: Encourage students to maintain a reflective journal, recording their experiences, decision-making processes, and consequences. This activity fosters introspection and provides valuable insights over time.
  2. Think-Pair-Share: Assign scenarios or dilemmas and ask students to think individually. Then, pair them up to discuss thoughts and perspectives. Finally, facilitate a group discussion to encourage collective reflection and sharing.
  3. Decision Analysis: Present real-life decision-making scenarios. Have students analyze potential outcomes, pros and cons, and reflect on influencing factors. This activity sharpens critical thinking skills and encourages considering decision consequences.
  4. Mindful Moments: Incorporate mindfulness practices into your classroom routine. Start or end each session with short mindfulness exercises, promoting self-awareness and emotion regulation.
  5. Utilize this free Everyday Speech worksheet (link at the top of this post) with five practice scenarios to discuss. Students can either work on them independently and then come together to share answers, or have a group discussion and work through each one together.


By fostering self-reflection skills among high school students, special education teachers equip them with valuable tools for better decision-making. Integrate the free lesson plan and activities shared in this blog post to empower students. Remember, self-reflection extends beyond academics—it is essential for personal growth and emotional well-being.

Sample Video

Students learn best from watching real students their own age model skills. Try out this sample video-modeling lesson below. We offer our entire Social-Emotional Learning platform free for 30 days here!

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