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Free Elementary Conversation Topics Material

March 8, 2023

In need of a resource for teaching conversation topics to your elementary school learners? Look no further, download our free elementary school conversation topics material!

How to Teach Conversation Topics to Students

You can successfully teach the art of creating conversation topics with Everyday Speech’s free elementary conversation topics material! This material focuses on Everyday Speech concept called ‘Topic Radar’, a conversation topic goal that teaches students to recognize that, in order to keep others interested in a conversation, they should talk about a wide variety of topics, especially ones they have in common or things you know the other person likes. This helps to drive the conversation, or keep it moving forward.

Lesson Plan – Using Your Free Conversation Topics Material

1. Introduce the ‘Topic Radar’ Skill

Before using our free conversation topics material, start with introducing the ‘Topic Radar’. Teach your students that the Topic Radar helps them to think about different topics to talk about with a variety of people. This is done by; thinking about the other person’s interests, remembering what we know about them, looking for clues around us, and remembering what they have in common with the other person.

2. Brainstorm Conversation Topics

Brainstorm a list of 5 conversation topics with your student they could use with two different people. One could be a friend and the other could be a family member. Encourage your student to use the Topic Radar to help them think about the other persons interests, remember what they know about the other person, and remember what they might have in common with that person. Remind your student that sometimes clueing in to their surroundings during a conversation can also help them think of a topic!

3. Complete the Free Elementary Conversation Topics Material

Our free conversation topics activity, The Topic Radar Game will provide your students with the opportunity to practice considering others interests, their surroundings, and what they have in common with the other person to keep the conversation going! This activity packet and game will teach your students the importance of matching topics to those they are talking to, while having fun!

Free Middle School Conversation Skills Material

Sample Middle School Conversation Topics Video:

This sample video below is a great enhancement to this Conversation Skills lesson! Everyday Speech provides real life scenarios as age appropriate actors model new skills. We offer a 30 day free trial for all of our social skills materials!

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