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Calming Down Frustrated Feelings

Frustrated feelings can happen when you’re trying to do something different or new, and you’re not having success. Frustrated is an uncomfortable feeling.

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What can you do when….
fill in the blank
Making Comments

It is important to comment or ask a question as part of turn taking in a conversation.

Problem Solving

When we solve problems, we need to decide if they are big or small, if we need help solving them, and try out different solutions.

Body Language Clues #1

What does the body language indicate?

Being Flexible Sorting

Being flexible means we can change or adapt our behavior. It helps us handle hard situations and lets others have good thoughts about us. Tell if each behavior is being flexible.

Big deal or little deal?

We can match the size of our reaction to the size of the problem.

q and a
What Do You Say
fill in the blank
Perspective Taking

Match each scenario with the corresponding feelings & thoughts

Good thoughts vs. Uncomfortable thoughts

Good thoughts: things we do/say that give people good thoughts about us and make them feel good Uncomfortable Thoughts: things we do/say that give people uncomfortable thoughts

Using Clues When Talking to Others

Looking at someone’s t-shirt or notebooks can be a great way to get some clues about what to talk to with someone. It is also important to listen to others.

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Positive Self-Talk

Read each scenario on the left and change the negative self-talk into positive self-talk .

Introducing Yourself

Introducing yourself to classmates and friends. Or just saying Hi to them in the Hallway.

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Think It or Say It

“Think It or Say It” means we have to decide if we should say something or keep the thought in their head. We should not say thoughts that will hurt someone’s feelings.

Conversation Drivers & Stoppers Premium Packet

Our new premium packets are worksheet bundles to give even more social skills content! Our first one, Conversation Drivers & Stoppers uses this same concept from our video lessons to teach how to drive a conversation or keep it going. Conversation Stoppers will stop a conversation before it is naturally over and generally cause uncomfortable or confused feelings.

This packet includes 36 scenario cards, a mini game, a poster with visuals, as well as a homework and review page.

We recommend this packet for any students working on conversation skills from elementary to middle school. Use in tandem with our Conversation Drivers & Stoppers video lesson and activities. We have a wide range of interactive activities on this concept from Bingo and Guess What Happens Next to Fork in the Road and Two Sides which use video clips to work on this skill in many different ways.

General Vs. Specific Statements

There are times we can use general or specific statements. If we only use general statements it can make others think we aren’t listening. Think of good times to use both.

Dealing with Frustrated Feelings

Once you are calm, it may be easier to deal with problems that are frustrating. Match each problem with the strategy YOU would use.

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