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Calming Down Frustrated Feelings

Frustrated feelings can happen when you’re trying to do something different or new, and you’re not having success. Frustrated is an uncomfortable feeling.

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Nonverbal Communication-What Is It?

Nonverbal communication means the different ways we can communicate with our bodies. Did you know that our bodies can send a message without saying any words?

Problem Solving

When we solve problems, we need to decide if they are big or small, if we need help solving them, and try out different solutions.

Think Before You Speak: Communication Skills for Scholars

Scholars will determine whether a statement is appropriate or inappropriate to say to someone. How would you feel if spoken to rudely, argumentatively, or disrespectfully?

Big deal or little deal?

We can match the size of our reaction to the size of the problem.

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Being Flexible Sorting

Being flexible means we can change or adapt our behavior. It helps us handle hard situations and lets others have good thoughts about us. Tell if each behavior is being flexible.

Introducing Yourself

Introducing yourself to classmates and friends. Or just saying Hi to them in the Hallway.

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Body Language Clues #1

What does the body language indicate?

Appropriate Topics

Appropriate and inappropriate topics to discuss during break time and lunch time.

Perspective Taking

Match each scenario with the corresponding feelings & thoughts

Making Comments

It is important to comment or ask a question as part of turn taking in a conversation.

What can you do when….
fill in the blank

Learning to STOP and THINK before you GO. Match the WHAT IF to the BEST ACTION.

Self Awareness

Self awareness is our understanding of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Match each situation with how it would make you feel.

What Do You Say
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Taking one piece of everyone’s idea to make everyone happy

Bullying or Teasing

Bullying & teasing are different. Bullying is an intent to hurt or gang up on one person. Teasing can be friendly or mean. If you or others are being bullied always tell an adult.

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