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Social Skills Worksheets in Our Library

After teaching a lesson, you need another way to reinforce key concepts. But you may not have the time to put together your own worksheets or supplemental activities. Everyday Speech has a wide variety of worksheets designed to teach children social-emotional learning skills. From emotional recognition to empathy, we have worksheets focused on all the critical social-emotional skills students need.

Most Popular All Time:

Our most popular social skills worksheets pair well with our videos, using similar language and concepts. Our Full Curriculum has paired worksheets with videos so you can recap what you've just watched and build on skills. For example, we have a "Self-Control Scenarios" option when you're trying to teach children how to understand and regulate their emotions. If you're focused on social awareness, our "Understanding the Perspective of Others" worksheet will help children understand how to empathize with diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Every printable social skills worksheet requires no-prep. Simply choose the solution that works for your needs, print it out and have children get to work. You can start your free trial to get access to all of our various options.

With hundreds of printable worksheets and activities in our database, you'll always find something for your learners. We have 3 different types of printable activities in our database:

  • Full lesson packets: These packets contain everything you need to teach an entire lesson. Complete with teacher information, visual tools, an activity like a printable board game, and homework. These are truly no-prep!
  • Quick Activities: Simple but effective, these activities provide opportunities for real-world social interaction. Quick Activities outline role-plays, discussions, or question & answer sessions, providing you all the prompts you need to run these in-person activities.
  • Student-Led Worksheets: Great for retention, homework, or to cap off a session, these worksheets allow students to apply what they've learned through sorting, matching, and other activities. Print these out and send them home so parents can see what you've been working on!

About Our Social Skills Worksheets

Every one of our printable social skills worksheets is created by our technical team of SLPs for SLPs. Our team knows what works after years of experience in the field. Therefore, our social skills worksheets are an effective supplemental teaching method for children with all types of social-emotional needs. You can feel confident in our team's ability to deliver a solution that works for your requirements.

Our curriculum contains more than just our worksheets. When you choose Everyday Speech, you'll also receive materials corresponding with the worksheets such as videos, games, full lesson packets and more. You won't have to create new lesson plans every week as you can count on our comprehensive curriculum to help students with Social-Emotional Learning while saving you time.

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