Think It or Say It

Think It or Say It

When Alessandra gets a gift she from Serena that she doesn’t like, she hurts Serena’s feelings by telling her that. Alessandra needs to keep not-so-nice thoughts inside so she doesn’t upset other people. When she tries again, she pauses a second and wonders: Should I Think it or Say it?
Voice-over: There are some things that we shouldn’t say out loud. We all have thoughts about other people. These may be good thoughts or not so good. If we have thoughts about other people that aren't so good, we should keep them in our head. If we say all of our thoughts out loud, it can hurt people’s feelings. When we have thoughts about other people, we need to stop and think. Should I think it, or should I say it?

Girl: Your birthday this weekend was awesome.

Serena: Oh, I'm sorry I couldn't make it. But I got you a gift.

Alessandra: Ugh, I don’t even like this color. I don’t want it.

Voice-over: What happened there? Let’s see what Alessandra is thinking.

Alessandra: I hate the color. Why did she get me that?

Voice-over: Alessandra is upset. When she got a present she didn’t like, she yelled at Serena and gave the present back. How do you think that made Serena feel? Let’s see what the girls are thinking.

Girl: That was so mean. Serena did something nice for Alessandra by getting her a gift.

Serena: I can’t believe she yelled at me like that. She really hurt my feelings. I don't want to hang out with her anymore.

Voice-over: Serena feels hurt. The girls don’t understand why Alessandra told Serena she didn’t like the present. Alessandra had a thought that could hurt someone. Remember, if our thoughts are going to hurt someone, we should keep these thoughts inside. When someone gives you a gift, always say thank you. You might not really like it, but telling someone you don’t like their gift will hurt their feelings. Let’s watch Alessandra try again.

Girl: Your birthday party this weekend was awesome.

Serena: Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't make it. But I got you a present.

Alessandra: I don't really like this shirt. Should I think it or say it? This will hurt Serena’s feelings. I’ll keep this thought inside. Thanks Serena! I really appreciate it. Hope you can come next time.

Serena: You're welcome.

Voice-over: That time, Alessandra kept her thoughts inside. If you are having thoughts that might hurt someone’s feelings, it’s important to stop and think: Should I think it, or should I say it?