Want to teach your child
Social Skills?

Easy to Teach Social Skills Curriculum for Parents

Looking for a ready-to-use platform to help build both social skills and social communication? 30,000 other educators say you have found the best solution!

Isn’t Everyday Speech made for use in Schools?

 The short answer is yes – We did create Everyday Speech to work seamlessly in a school educator’s day.
Having said that, many parents would love support in teaching these skills at home and Everyday Speech works just as well in that setting! Take a look below at how our lessons make teaching easy for any parent.

Video Modeling

Watch your child learn with age-specific relatable actors in realistic situations and thought bubbles that teach others perspectives.

Worksheets & Activities

500+ ready-to-use worksheets and interactive activities for your child to practice skills in-person and virtually.

Web-Based Games

Make lessons interactive and practice new skills with our engaging games including Quiz Show, TicTac Moji, Bingo, and more!

What Everyday Speech curricula is best for parents wanting to teach their children social skills?

We’ve found that parents typically favor our Social Communication Curricula. And with 1000s of activities and 700+ video lessons, parents could teach social skills for 5 years straight every weekday and never repeat an activity.
– That is real value! –

Social Communication

No prep social skills materials designed to save you hours of time and accelerate social learning

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Step-by-Step Curriculum:

Hundreds of instant video modeling lessons, games, and worksheets ready to go. Find what’s perfect for your learners across skills and abilities.