Engaging social skills activities for students of all ages and skill levels

It’s easy to find the right activities for your students with Everyday Speech! Filter by age group to find materials with age-appropriate characters, vocabulary, and scenarios. Every material is also labeled by skill level: emergent, intermediate, or advanced.

Pre-K and Kindergarten
(Ages 3-5)

Designed with non-readers in mind, with text-to-speech instructions and relatable preschool-aged characters to model behaviors. Practice preschool success skills, like self-soothing and communicating emotions. 

Early Elementary
(Ages 6-8)

Help students understand unspoken social rules and build crucial skills like self-advocacy, growth mindset, and impulse control. Reading and discussion opportunities in every lesson help students solidify what they’ve learned.

Late Elementary
(Ages 9-10)

Materials emphasize perspective-taking and empathy skills to help students bond with others. Navigate nuanced social situations by building coping skills and learning to predict social and behavioral outcomes.

Middle School
(Ages 11-13)

Students build upon previous skills to better comprehend more complex emotions and situations, like understanding an individual’s role in a social group and how to resolve multilayered conflicts fairly.

High School
(Ages 14-18)

Build crucial life skills like maintaining positive relationships and understanding others’ backgrounds and perspectives. Practice finding multiple solutions to problems and feeling grounded in one’s personal values and ethics.

Materials for all skill levels

Our curriculum is organized developmentally, building from foundational skills to more nuanced skills. Each lesson unit follows our “Introduce, Practice, Apply, Review” structure, and materials are categorized by skill level to help you choose the right activity for your student.

Done-for-you curriculum for all your students, from preschool through high school