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No Prep Activities

With hundreds of activities, including printable, no-prep lessons & worksheets and therapy ideas updated weekly, you’ll never lose time looking for material again!

Activity Features

  • 200+ worksheets
  • New worksheets added weekly
  • Pre-made visuals relating back to Everyday Speech Concepts
  • Printable board games for fun group sessions
  • One page printouts for quick review

Quick Activity

One page worksheets work great for an instant activity during a session or as a closing activity to review what you’ve learned.

Entire Session

Never search a *certain* therapy materials site again! Our Premium Packets are full activities, complete with an introduction, skill-building exercises, visual teaching tools, homework and review, and a printable poster to refer back to.

No Prep Lesson Plans for Teaching Social Skills

When it comes to teaching social skills, creating lesson plans is one of the most challenging aspects.

Depending on your teaching objectives and activities, you may need to spend hours creating and updating your social-emotional learning lesson plans. You'll need to plan out all the lessons and find visuals, prompts, and formats to keep your students engaged.

At Everyday Speech, we know how overwhelming lesson planning can become. You want your students to learn, grow, and succeed. Our pre-made lesson plans for social skills make lesson preparation stress-free.

Give your students, from kindergarten to middle school, the resources for success with our social skills program.

When you sign-up for our free one-month trial or subscribe, you get access to our full curriculum, which includes dozens of key social skill areas your students use every day. Our materials include:

Teach your students a range of social skills with lesson plans for specific social skills.

Just select a skill, and you can choose from our extensive collection of videos, activities, worksheets and games.

At Everyday Speech, we also update our lessons weekly to provide you with the best materials and social skills activities for your students.

You no longer need to spend hours creating or searching for the perfect video, activity, or worksheet for your students.




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Our framework of Skills, Goals, and Objectives provides a quick and easy way to find the perfect material to complete your lesson.

How Much Do The Social Skills Activities Cost?

Our social skills activities come included with a complete curriculum, which costs $299.99 per school year. A monthly plan is also available for $34.99.

The annual school year plan offers the most financial value, as it includes four months free to account for 2 months of summer vacation, plus two additional months!

Our social skills platform includes videos, games, activities, and worksheets.

When you subscribe, you can also start a free 30-day trial, which you can cancel at any time. During your trial, you’ll have full access to every single resource we offer. You can use the largest collection of online social skills teaching videos available for your students — without paying a penny.

These videos and social-emotional learning plans are truly unique, and you won't find them on any other website. We also add new videos each month and provide companion worksheets to help students recall what they have learned in each video. Our speech-language pathologists carefully design these videos for various social skills, skill levels, age groups and learning needs.

Plus, these videos feature animations, contrasting behaviors and visual teaching cues to maximize the learning experience.

With our social skills lesson bundles, you receive pre-made lessons that saves you time and helps you find the perfect material from our huge library.

Who Uses Social Skills Activities?

Our social skills activities tend to offer the most value to:

  • Special education teachers & Diverse Learning Professionals: Special needs educators, speech pathologists, and other professionals can use these activities to help students gain and improve valuable social skills.
  • School teachers: Teachers who teach in elementary, middle or even high school can use these activities for their students.
  • Parents: Parents can use these activities and courses to teach social skills to their kids at home.
  • Private practices: After-school programs and private practices can adopt these activities to help children build and improve their social skills.

At Everyday Speech, we've designed this curriculum not only to meet the needs of those who want to teach social skills but also the needs of those who need to learn social skills. While originally developed for special education, our social skills activities and courses have evolved to help children in kindergarten, elementary, middle, and even high school.

A few examples of the various social skills our social-emotional learning lesson plans can help with include:

  • Conversation skills
  • Play skills
  • Empathy skills
  • Situational awareness skills

If you're a teacher looking to make the most of your schedule, our social skills worksheets and bundles can help you. With our programs, you don't have to create lesson plans. Instead, you can use our pre-made lessons to teach your students and create an exciting environment in your classroom during each lesson.

Start Your Free Trial for Full Access to No Prep Social Skills Activities

Are you ready to try our social-emotional learning lesson plans in your classroom? You can start using our social skills courses in your classroom for free.

When you sign-up for your free trial, you’ll have access to the entire curriculum for 30 days. Browse more than 400 videos, 500 worksheets and more to choose the perfect lesson plan for you and your students. Access online games, and activities, and use them to get your students excited about building their social skills.

Get ready for your next lesson by signing up for your free trial now!